I really hate that I seem like the bad guy

I really do. Though I find it somewhat difficult to understand why I am getting the flack for this. I mean seriously people I am not the one doing it, I am simply stating a fact and one I showed with proof of what I said.

I started a month ago or so to see one writer in particular who was obviously using some of the first headcanons I wrote and changing a few things. It took me doing a double take to see it was the same. I contacted them and never got a response. English is NOT their first language and it is plain to see in their writing that it changes to from a non native speaker to a native speaker. Anyone with half a brain can see it. Then the the prompts they were getting were the exact same that went through the fandom a year and half ago.

The same prompts all the writers of the fandom got and it became a race to get them out so you didn’t seem like you copied them from someone else. That was rampant then. So I remembered some one them because a few writers and I did have a falling out because accusations flew. This was important because the things we came out with were all close but not the same. Now I see blanant copies being put out, not just of my writing but of the same writers from back then. I may have over 500 stories, shorts, headcanons, and ideas released but I do remember all of them. I wrote them after all. I also admired the other writers and I remember nearly every headcanon, story, whatever they wrote as well. Some are still here in the fandom, some have left, but that does not give someone the right to “use” their writing for their own gain and honestly now I have to say something on it.

We have people in the fandom who actively go after art theft. Why don’t we have the same in the writing world? People know it is there but don’t say anything, why? People read and say that sounds familiar but never question it? Are you really so blind to see that if it happens to us, the writers or artists, it will happen to the people starting out writing? To the people who are so proud of their new piece and want to share it? It will and then no one will write anything and share it.

I have gone back and forth with myself on taking my writing down. It is honestly pointless at this point. It has been up on AO3 and wattpad long enough that it has been copied and downloaded enough I have no idea who has my works. So I am going to get into the legal side of this for a second. The second some thing is in a fixed place, A computer, printed, or published on the internet in a place like this, wattpad, or AO3 it becomes a “intellectual property” of the author and is technically copyrighted and therefore theirs and theirs alone. But wait, all of this is based off the game…… true but once the author changes the basis of the character it then becomes the authors as long as their is differeces that can be proven that is “fair use”.

One thing is the reason I may use the names of the characters and some personality traits they may have in the game but the setting, the character, the idea is all mine therefore I have not broken the TOS or the law. You also have to remember one other glaring fact, these people are historical figures. Anyone can use the names and history for fictional writing.

I will also say I am tired of being reported to my publisher and to cybrid for breaking the TOSA. I am not. Lawyers have already gone over this, so stop please. If I am so is every other writer, artist, people who take commissions, people who sell anything related to the charaters, etc. Stop being selective with your hate. Cause if i do go down because of this I am sorry but I will take the ship down with me. Policing needs to stop if it is only done half assed. (Adressed to the same people who were previously sending me the anon hate and no one else, I saw the names on the complaints.)

Basically all of this nonsense needs to stop. If you see something being done say something. If you have questions ask them, “hey didn’t you write…..” if an art piece looks really familiar do a reverse search. These things take less than five minutes to do. It saves heartache and headaches of the original artists if we know people are also seeing it and not just glossing over the blaring fact it was not the other persons writing.

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