I have a few frequently asked questions and while I am cleaning the craft closet from hel I decided I would answer them.

Do you have other social media besides tumblr?

Yes. I am on wattpad, instagram, and some others. My handle is kthomas325. I also have a website forallyourikemensengokuneeds.com. Also on AO3 with the forallyourikemensengokuneeds.

Why do only post to Wattpad now?

Since I am having some issues with people copying my work the download feature on AO3 works against authors. I understand the want to collect certain pieces and keep them formyourself but I am tired of the dishonesty of claiming mine and others hard work for yourself. Wattpad is the only platform I feel comfortable using.

Why do you not just call out the people who targeted you?

This is the hardest question I have heard in the past week or so. The situation is difficult period and there are a lot of other more innocent people involved. I am not one to make waves even when everything goes to hell. However I will not put up with being put down for being who I am either anymore. I think one thing people forget is that a lot of people can be one way on the internet such as a keyboard warrior or they can simply remain themselves. I remain myself basically what you see here is what is there in rl.

Now that I am finding a lot more out and what not I an utterly disgusted with the some the behavior behind the scenes. However I refuse to stoop so low as certain people.

I am still deciding the repurpose of this blog besides my writing and I think I will be doing a few more opinion pieces because well that seems to piss some people off. Ok i can stoop lower. My basic purpose is just to keep being me. Thats all I ever set out to do.

Now back to the craft closet from hell

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