I’m surrounded

I have monkey on one side of me and Akechi on the other.

Akechi is this normal. She is always snuggled up to me at night.

Monkey is not a fan of people. Okay he is either deathly scared of people or he doesn’t give a flipping fuck about them. I am still not sure. He’s a cat. However he is snuggled up next to me and well I can’t do anything but be amazed.

Akexhi and Monkey are half brother and sister. They share a father my big giant baby, Winston. It amazes me that these two never knew their father. He died about a week before they were born, two days apart, but how much they are both like him so much.

Akechi looks like him but with finer bone structure. She also picks and chooses when she wants love much like he did. She is as smart as him too and not like her mother,Gargies, who is as dumb as a box of rocks.

Monkey acts like him. He doesn’t trust humans in the same way Winston didn’t. Monkey will be a big boy like his dad too though he looks more like his mother, Angel.

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