One, two, or three bad apples spoil the cart….

Okay so I guess that the issue is my opinion. Posting my opinion again is toooooooooo fucking triggering to some.

Its fine for you all to have one but I can’t? Fuck off please.

Nine anon asks deleted but I will say this, grow up. I don’t have an issue with the bullshit you post that our many mutuals reblog though now I am to the point that even seeing your names makes me sick. Literally sick. You are the reason I debate every day if this is something I can continue to do. The fact even when you don’t send the “anon” shit I still have to see how much you have bambozzled so many to think you run a safe space while you go after anyone who says differently than you.

Once again this is why I posted the last rate the warlord thing. I don’t put others down for their opinion but I could. Everyone has the right to like whatever but I guess I can’t. Whatever I am done.

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