Rate the Warlords Hideyoshi



Overall route:

I personally had a hard time getting through Hideyoshi’s route. It was constantly push and pull and the whole sibling thing hit to close to home for me. It was not realky a fast pace and kind of dragged for me.


Hideyoshi is loyal to his friends and of course Nobunaga. The reasons for this are answered in his route and they make sense but they really pushed it to the point it was boarderline obsession. He is a hard worker as well. He does anything and everything to ease the burdens of his friends.


His devotion boardlining on obsession with Nobunaga. The pushing of “little sister” BS was too much imo as well. The pace was slower as well so it seemed like a chore to get through the routes.

Overall apperance:

Tall. Handaome. Ready to help. Sounds like a great guy. Though the sister thing was a draw back, the obsession with serving Nobunaga.


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