Rate my best bois Nobunaga and Sasuke please

Like I did for the other double ask I am doing this one in two parts. So look out for Sasuke.



Nobunaga was a route I did second. After Masamune I found it to be rather interesting because though it did move fast it had a lot of details and different personalities. To be honest I had no idea about Japanese history until I did a google search somewhere theough the middle of his route. It was a route worth doing but I still struggle with his character.


This is the man who decided to unify a country. He has strengths abound. His dominant personality allows him the arrogance to do half the stuff he does. He is a good fighter. He is patient enough to allow cooler heads prevail on most things.


His unresolved issues with people trying to label him and or remove him. The amenthat are strengths are alao weaknesses. His arrogance and his dominant personality are also too much at times.

Overall Appearance:

He has an overall appearance that is rather handsome. His dominant colors black and red are also stronger colors. Though I personally I don’t care for him he is understandably some peoples favorite.

Overall rating:


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