Rate mitsunari??? 🌸



 His route was in the middle of fast paced and rather slow. He did have some action going on. Things happened to the MC. It was okay. I think they could have developed his character a little better but things that were just assumed about him were answered. 


He is super wicked smart. He is truly focused on learning everything he can about every possible outcome. He can adjust his tactics mid way to win the battle. 


He is one of those people who can seriously get lost in his research. We have seen this as he stops listening and is absorbed in his reading. One track mind. Also though it may work for some people, his lack of experience was a weakness for me. I couldn’t but into the whole he is just too sweet and has no experience with women. he never had to deal with a relationship though he does come to grips with it. Another thing I count as a weakness was the fact instead of facing the music so to speak he pushed MC away. 

Overall Appearance:

Mitsunari is inexperienced with interpersonal relationships and is almost child like with some of his behaviors. To me this is unforgettable and is a part of his apperence. Though classically handsome and has the good manors that anyone would want around them he does have awareness issues.

Warlord rating 8.5/10

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