Me again :) would you mind rating Shingen too?


Oh boy I knew this was coming eventually.


This was the hardest route for me to get through in both English and in Japanese. I hoenestly just wanted to get it over with because for me there was no connection what so ever, unlike say Yukimuras or Nobubagas where there was a spark at least, None. I know some people loved his route but I found it to be slow and a chore to read. 


His loyalty. his devotion to both the people who were his people and the people around him. He is a rather good man who is flawed.


the cheesiness of his lines. the obvious rules of attraction. he would use people as pawns as much or even more than say Nobunaga or Mitsuhide, but not show it. He doesn’t care who he hurts either in the process.(though he does)

Overall Appearance:

He is the largest Warlord which should be my ideal but I can’t get over how horrible I thought the route was in both the slowness and the predictably “Goddess and Angel” lines. His colors are kind of like him and muddied. 

over all warlord rating: 6.5/10

*** Please note that these are my own opinions alone and if you disagree with them at least respect that we all have differences. I know many people felt completely different about Shingen’s route but I will express my own opinion as I see fit too.*****

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