Can I send in two wardlords? I have almost finished my first route and I can’t choose who to do next. So if you’d like to rate Masamune and Hideyoshi? Or one of the two :) thanks

Im going to do this in two but will tag you jn the second as well.


Overall route:

Masamune’s route was pretty fast pace. It hooked me within the first few chapters sections and I did enjoy it. Though it did have a dark undertone about emotions and dealing with them is was one of the best routes. He was, of course, my first route and I think there may be some bias there.


Masamune is loyal. Despite having a long reputation of a love them and leave them type bad boy he is very loyal when he figures out love. He is also wickedly strong and likes to do daring things.


Is impulsive. Like it being a strength I think it is also a weakness. He tries to care halfheartly as well as he tries to protect what is left of himself.

Overall appearance:

He is a handsome man with an eyepatch do I need to say more? Seriously though he is one of the better looking warlords in my opinion.

Overall score 9/10

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