Aphrodisiac series six


Aphrodisiac Series Princess/Mitsuhide Final one

Mitsuhide spent most of the next two weeks watching the Princess and planning his move. She held the same duties around the castle, so it was natural to expect to run into her. She, for some reason he couldn’t fathom still had any real fear of him, and he planned to use that lack of fear to his advantage. She didn’t seem to mind his attention or his offering of one drink or another. She would readily accept them, and he was happy with the fact it would make it that much easier to dose her water and then hand it to her.

The princess thought Mitsuhide must be up to something because he was being to nice to her now on a daily basis. He would offer her drinks, and she had wondered what his reasoning was since he rarely did anything without a reason behind it. She was waiting for the other shoe to fall as she watched him one day before she announced herself at his manor. The door was slightly open, and she saw him dump the contents of a vial into a cup. She was expected, and she knew that he would poison her but she had a feeling whatever was in the vial was supposed to be for her, and possibly for his amusement in one way or another. She thought it out and quickly formed her own plan as she walked in the room and smiled at him. He had no idea she had seen what he had just done, so she waited until he offered her a glass of cool fresh water. She gladly accepted and placed the cup on his desk as she sat before it. He had poured one for himself as well and set it before him. She took out the packet of missives that had been dispatched for him to read while she waited for a distraction. Ironically it came quickly as a vassal had a question for him that he needed to address promptly. He walked out of the room, and she switched the waters around. She then downed the one he placed in front of himself and waited for his return.

He was delighted to see that the princess had drunk her water with the tonic in it by the time he got back to the room. Their meeting went on for about an hour, and he wondered at how long until he could see the results of it. She left the manor with a small smile on her face knowing he would probably be nearby to watch the results of whatever he had tried to slip her with, and she couldn’t wait to see them either.

He later looked for her, for some unknown reason he couldn’t get her from his mind. Everywhere he looked she had just been there, but no one knew where she actually was. It seemed to him she was somehow avoiding him but he was still on her trail and he would find her. The growing need to see her was all too consuming for him. He now needed to find her and he couldn’t. It was driving him insane. He was nearly to his breaking point when he spotted her down one of the dimly lit hallways. He stalked closer to her and his need intensified by hundreds as he moved closer.

“What did you do to me?”, He asked as he walked right up to her as she backed into a wall. He pressed his lean body against hers as he stared into her lovely light eyes.

“Whatever you were going to do to me.”, she responded.

“What?”, he asked his already baritone voice dropping and becoming more husky.

“I saw you pour something into the cup you offered me. I switched them when you left.”, she said softly. “Whatever you had planned for me that is what you have to deal with.”

“You also have to deal with it, my princess.”, he whispered as he lowered his head and lightly kissed her neck.

“What has gotten into you, Mitsu?”, she asked slightly surprised by the contact.

“You have.” He responded as he continued on her neck leaving her somewhat breathless. He let his hand drift over her slight frame and settle on her waist as he pressed her against the wall even with more pressure. She was making soft sounds, and he couldn’t stop the piece of himself he kept hidden from the world from breaking free. He picked her up gently and moved through the darkened hallways back to her room and shut the door behind them with his foot. He didn’t break free from his hold on her until he gently laid her down and was next to her. “Tell me to stop now if you are because we will not stop this night until tomorrow if we continue.”

“Tell me what you were trying to do dose me with Mitsuhide.”, she said softly.

“An aphrodisiac tonic.”, he said as he looked away from her.

“So that is what your issue is?”, she asked.

“It only enhances what was already there, Princess. It doesn’t create new desires.”, He said as he moved for her neck again. She caught his head and brought it to hers and placed his forehead on hers.

“You wanted this before?”, she asked.

“God yes, Princess.”, he whispered.

“Good.”, She replied, and she kissed him at that time, and they began anew. Their hands did the talking, and their kisses grew more intense.

They found themselves wrapped up in each other answer their mutual desire for hours. He was slow but meticulous on his worshipping every inch of her. He found all the spots that made her bit her lips and even the ones she would call out as he would nip, kiss, or lick. He had held off on his desire for so long that it had built silently and he needed the princess to be as tricky as him for it to be released finally. He could only find his release within her, and he showed her how much he wanted and loved her many times throughout the night and even into the daybreak of a new day. They both were to spent with each other and wrapped up in the futon to care if they had anything to do that day. They smiled at each other as both closed their eyes and before sleep found him he thought,“The rest of the tonic is for my use and maybe hers as well if she wants it.” With that thought, he reclosed his eyes after peering down upon her now sleeping body next to his and knew the series of experiments had finally come to a close, and she was right where she was meant to be, with him.

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