Aphrodisiac series five


Aphrodisiac series Mitsunari

Mitsuhide had no qualms about dosing the man at, but for his plan to work he had to figure out when to send the princess to him and something that would peak the man’s interest long enough to keep him from burying his head in a book and ignoring everything else around him. Though Mitsuhide had watched the pair interact for a week now, the brief interactions would probably not be enough to get the result Mitsuhide had desired for the second to last of his experiment. This one was perhaps the only he could think of to fail but not for lack of trying or planning. Mitsunari’s indifference to everyone was well known, and even Hideyoshi’s horde of women had finally picked up on it. The only female Mitsuhide had ever seen Mitsunari show any interest in was the princess, so Mitsuhide hoped that would be a factor in making the plan work.

He waited until it was a beautiful, pleasant day and found Mitsunari early enough and half asleep to begin his plan. He brewed the man a cup of tea and poured the vial in as Mitsunari was preparing himself for the day. As they sat for awhile, Mitsuhide suggested because it was an excellent day outside that after a few hours of reading he should find the princess and ask her for a stroll. Mitsunari thought that would be a great idea and as Mitsuhide left for the day, he said he would send the princess to him around lunchtime for their walk. Mitsunari had already started to read and was lost in the book by the time Mitsuhide left the room.

Mitsuhide found the princess doing her daily tasks and was surprised by the idea of a walk with Mitsunari. However Mitsuhide had worded it as one of her duties to do instead of something she might enjoy, and he sincerely hoped she would. She agreed only because it was Mitsunari and she did think he needed to get out of the room and needed to rest his eyes a bit. It was one of her common complaints about him. It wasn’t hard to make it seem like work instead of his careful planning. She would hurry up to finish everything early so she could do that for Mitsunari.

The day grew hot but was still pleasant enough to go for a quick stroll or a walk in the wooded area by the stream. That seemed to be a favorite destination that the two would head to on their walks. She headed over to Hideyoshi’s manor after she had her lunch and finished her chores for the day. She luckily had nothing to do as the staff seemed ahead of her on finishing every regular thing for the day. As she walked, she noticed the slight uptick in the humidity but there were no clouds in the sky. A quick walk to the river would probably be the most pleasant to do and not walk around in the crowded town center or marketplace. She planned their trip mentally as she walked into Hideyoshi’s manor and went straight to Mitsunari’s quarters. She slid the door open and was surprised not to find him sitting reading but eagerly awaiting her arrival. He nearly overran her in his haste to greet her and take her hand for their walk. She was shocked at this new side to him she had never seen before.

Mitsunari pulled her along quicker than just a stroll, and he didn’t even notice his own hurried pace as she finally asked him, “Mitsunari are you in a rush?”

“No, I don’t believe so.”, he responded, and she laughed at his response. “I don’t understand it, but I just want to get to the river and be alone with you.”

She pondered his words and like everything else he said she thought it was most likely just an innocent expression. His angel smile appeared, and she wrote it off as he was just happy to be outside. She would often have to evaluate what he said as he was so sweet that sometimes his words could be misheard for something she figured it wasn’t. Still, the idea of being alone with him and that making him happy or even excited make her heart quicken.

Mitsuhide stood far back on the trail that they couldn’t see them to close or hear what they were saying. He did notice the quickened pace that the tactician was taking and the slight blush on the princess’s face as a sign that maybe his one failure in the experiment wouldn’t be a failure after all. He had a kindling of hope that perhaps the dunderhead genius would succumb to the tonic after all. He knew this was as far as he would go but he would be nearly enough to see the results if there were any to witness.

When the pair got to the river’s edge, they both looked peacefully at the water as they let their hands and feet cool off in the stream. The water was refreshing even though it wasn’t entirely too hot it was warm enough to be slightly uncomfortable. Every time Mitsunari looked at her, he flushed even more, and she wondered if the heat was too much for him. As she was going to ask a massive clap of thunder rang out of nowhere and through the tree tops she could see the clouds had formed and were not happy looking clouds. He also looked up and smiled again, but it wasn’t his usual sweet smile but one of a man with a plan, one that very much included her.

He knew the rain would be hitting soon, but there was a small crafter’s hut not far away. He had a wish to take her there before the storm, but it wasn’t for her safety as much it was his desire to be even more alone with her in even more secluded climes. He needed that though he didn’t know why. He needed it more than even air to breathe. He reached for her hand and started off toward the small cozy hut, and they got there right before the sky opened up and began to downpour. As they could hear the raindrops beating on the roof, they took stock of the small unused hut. A small rolled up pallet was in the corner, and he went over and unwound it. He was happy to see it was still in excellent condition and no small rodents had got into it. He motioned for her to sit as he knew these storms could linger on and he wanted to be closer to her regardless.

One clap of thunder that seemed right overhead was his salvation as she jumped and moved right into his lap. Though he had no idea why he his mouth found hers, and they both began playing a great game, then just him trying to distract her from the loud claps of thunder. Soon he moved from her lips down to her neck, and he was moving purely on what he wanted to do, she let him know at each stage it was okay to move ahead to the next spot. Soon neither had a stitch of fabric on and they were both lost in each other. They didn’t even notice that the storm had stopped until it was much later and he deemed it too dark to try and find their way home with a devilish smile. He had somehow found something much more interesting than a book to learn from, and he wanted to learn from her much more. He would use his words, but his lack of them left her breathless at times also throughout the night.

At daybreak, the pair made their way back to the castle proper where they were greeted by all the warlords who were only slightly worried about the couple. Everyone noticed that Mitsunari had not let go of her hand the entire time they were standing around giving their accounts of the crafters’ hut and the storm. Each man smiled knowingly at him as they all looked at the princesses slight blush and the very few red marks marring her skin just barely visible from her clothes.

Mitsuhide had to chuckle to himself and start to plan for the last time on when he was going to dose the princess. He wondered if it would have the same effect on a female as it did all the males he had tried it out on. Again he started to formulate his plan.

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