Also before this is a thing….

It’s really sad that I know what is going to happen before it does……

All the rate the warlord prompts that I have done or if someone wants me to do the remainder of them are my opinion only. Meaning they are done with only my thoughts and rating system period. They are not a put down or insult to those who like those characters.

I have said this many times and over the past week it was addressed in the fandom with the most amount of respect I have seen in the fandom ever. Not everyone has the same beliefs, attractions, or kinks(in the case of the other posts this week). Everyone is different.

We all have our cringy things that are no-goes. As long as people are respectful in both letting people understand that is a personal no no and respectful with themat understanding we can all get along. I do know because I have been on the receiving end of that cub before. So I was proud of the understanding that happened this week.

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