Mornings like today

These are the mornings I just want to cover my head and hide. All of my kids have some sort of cold going on so waking them is next to impossible. That is how I started my day.

M splits his days at the jobsite and at home. Today he is at the site so after I bring the kids to school I pull i to the driveway and get out he is following me back in to the driveway. He forgot his bag with his tools and computer. Somehow this was my fault. It was also my fault I have to many keys and he couldn’t figure out which one opened the door because I locked it. Now if I had not locked it I would have never heard the end of it and now I won’t hear the end of it because I locked it.

Yes people this paradox is brought to you from my life. Now to wake up a sleeping ten year old who also hates mornings and probably I will have to repeat waking him up nine times before school.

Enjoy the reblogs of the Aphrodisiac series which will be re-released throughout the day.

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