how to show fic writers you care:


  1. REQUEST! If a writer’s requests are open, or if they’re asking for requests, then by all means, send some their way – BUT, make sure to read their rules/FAQs/about pages first. 
  2. REBLOG THEIR FICS! Likes don’t mean anything – they’re nice, sure, but if you’re just a passive/silent reader who likes then fucks off, you’re not exactly showing the writer(s) anything except you saw the post. Reblogs mean that fics get more exposure and reach a wider audience. You should ALWAYS reblog a fic if you’ve read it, which brings me to my next point:
  3. COMMENT! When you reblog that fic you just read, leave a comment. Tell the writer what you liked about their fic, and why you enjoyed it; reblogging and adding a comment isn’t the only way to do this, though, as you can easily hit “reply” and do the same, or drop the reader an ask to tell them what you liked (many writers often have the option for you to go on anon if you’re shy), even leaving comment(s) in the tags is more than appreciated by most writers. So, yeah, there’s not really any excuse for readers to NOT comment. Always comment, always reblog. 
  4. REC LISTS! If you read a lot of fanfic, one way to show writers you actually give a shit is to add their fics to rec lists. Pretty self explanatory, innit? 
  5. DON’T BE DEMANDING! If a writer hasn’t updated a fic or posted any new writing – that’s their own fuckin’ business as to why, so don’t go into their inboxes demanding that they write or that they post. Writing is an art, and writers aren’t machinery – we got shit going on that means that we can’t write, and that’s OUR fuckin’ business, no one else’s. If you’re the person who puts “OMG, PART 2 NOW!!!” in the replies/comments/reblogs/tags, just stop. Don’t. 
  6. INTERACT! A lot of writers will post ask games/memes and shit while they’re doing stuff, which is your – as readers – opportunity to talk to that writer and get to know ‘em. Reader-writer interaction is absolutely VITAL, so by all means – go and talk to your favourite writers, even if it’s just to say “hello” and ask how they are. SEND WRITERS ASKS AND INTERACT WITH THEM.
  7. (yes I know I’m repeating myself but) ALWAYS COMMENT, ALWAYS REBLOG. On every fic you read, if you liked it – REBLOG IT AND LEAVE A COMMENT!! 

And, finally: 


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