Aphrodisiac series two


Hideyoshi A Series

Preface: This series is about each warlord and Mitsuhide plots and plans to dose each one, though the stories intersect at places they are stand-alone stories. (primarily MC/Princess in not sleeping or other things with EVERY warlord.)

Mitsuhide knew that Hideyoshi would never let his guard down around him. If he offered him the last glass of water on the planet, Hideyoshi would throw it to the ground. This was not going to be as easy as dosing anyone else. He would have to find the right time and person to help him even unwillingly; he was going to do this. Mitsuhide had an idea of the who and when but needed to gather more intel on the pair. Hideyoshi would never refuse two people, and Mitsuhide knew Nobunaga would never help in this research and neither would the princess they had all taken in a few months ago, he wondered if he could somehow use on of them without them even realizing.

He had thought of nine thousand ways to finally give Hideyoshi the potion however it happened in the easiest of ideas that he didn’t even plan for. She had walked into his workspace above ground in the castle proper, and took a look at the set of vials and looked at him questionably.

“Some from Ieyasu’s had dropped that off here for Hideyoshi. Some booster he asked for. It goes in his drink.”, he said waving them off.

“One vial?”, she asked.

“Yes, one.”, he said. “It is too bad they were left here as he wouldn’t take it now that it’s been sitting with me.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Promise me you didn’t do anything to it.”, she said suddenly.

“I did nothing to it, I swear.”, He said as he held up his hands. She knew he could lie with a straight face, but to her knowledge, he never had to her. So she believed him.

“Fine, I will give it to him, then.”, she said and with that took the vial and went off to find Hideyoshi with some fresh infused water.

Mitsuhide sat in his work chambers and smiled to himself, that was easier then he had expected, and he listened for the temple bells and knew the effects would be happening right around the party tonight. A good place for him to observe the interaction and at least the beginning scene. This would be worth going to the useless celebration.

At the party…..

Hideyoshi didn’t feel right. He chalked it up to the Sake he had been drinking in slow sips drawing out the cup. He had been surprised when the Princess had sought him out to give him a glass of water as she had said it was infused with some new things. He wanted to thank her again, but he hadn’t seen her tonight. He wondered if she had skipped the event when she did enter the room he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He had never realized how absolutely beautiful she was. Every other Male in the room seemed to know already. Now he wanted to tell her that as well. It was like hitting a brick wall. He was one who might flirt on occasion, but in earnest, he kept that part of him private and secluded. He felt the rush of desire hard and grow deep within him. It was like something else was taking over and he didn’t know how to control it.

Mitsuhide sat in his usual spot as he watched the inner struggle that his ally, if not his friend, was going through. He was fighting with himself, and Mitsuhide wondered which would win, the potion or Hideyoshi’s resolve. It was fun to watch this one more so Nobunaga’s reaction which no one really saw but could hear well enough. He was going to enjoy watching this happen.

The princess was surrounded by vassals and their retainers. It was a horde of men each seeking her favor when Hideyoshi pushed into the crowd and drew her close to him. The action raised a few eyebrows including hers, but she took it and could use the breathing space. When she turned, she saw the look that was in his eyes, if she didn’t know better it was burning with a fire she never saw before. She wondered if he had too much to drink. When he spoke, it was about the little things, but nothing of consequence and she wrote off her first impression of him for the night. It was when he leaned close and asked her if she would like some air that she saw the burning fires that were there under it all were out, she was almost scared of this new Hideyoshi, almost.

They walked side by side to a lookout in which was far enough away from the party sounds that the cool air found them and even better no one was there. He pressed himself close to her to keep her fine soft form from the wind and possibly taking a chill but she wasn’t cold, and he was positively burning at that moment. He knew he wanted her more than anything he had ever wanted before. It was a desire even more significant than his service to Nobunaga. It was beyond him. He bent to whisper a word in her ear and because of the closeness of the pair his breath tickled her neck, and she shivered at it. He did it again, and as she turned to face him he pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, she was surprised but as he lowered his head, even in his burning desire was giving her the time needed to push him away if it wasn’t what she wanted. She just looked in his eyes, and as he grew closer her lids fluttered down, and he lost whatever control he had. The kiss was long and almost punishing. When he was done he lifted his head to look into her haze filled eyes and saw her own burning desire. He lifted her off the ground and carried her bridal style out of the castle and to his palace that was close by. It was only a few minutes’ walk for him, but he wasn’t calming down, it was just building his desire. When he arrived in his palace, neither one got any rest for the rest of the night.

Mitsuhide stood in the shadows and saw his handy work knowing full well what was happening at that point. He was slightly surprised at Hideyoshi’s ability not to go to her room here in the castle but to take her to his own palace. He smiled to himself and walked back to the party.

The princess awoke some hours later as she felt Hideyoshi yet again working her body up, he seemed to have a and endless need for her body tonight. She smiled at the thought and wondered if that was the boosters Ieyasu had made for him. She wasn’t going to say anything though; she was just going to ride this out for the time being. No words were indeed spoken, they let their bodies talk again and again throughout the night and finally close to dawn Hideyoshi was too exhausted to move. She had been passed that point hours ago. She curled up next to him as he wrapped himself around her again to keep the night air off her.

The next day…

The awkward morning after didn’t happen as he was gone by the time she had awoken. She got dressed and made her way back to the castle proper to finish her day. Mitsuhide stood in the hallway watching the two interact for the first time that day as if nothing happened the night before. They all knew something had, but the results would be it was probably just a one-night thing when he heard a low whisper coming from Hideyoshi about seeing her later. He really chuckled to himself as Ieyasu Came upon him to go over something in a report. That is when Mitsuhide turned his sights on the baby of the group.

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