Aphrodisiac series one


Aphrodisiac series one


The day was just beginning in the castle town, but he knew that his lord would have been awake for hours already. He thought of that as he stopped by the well to fetch him some cooler water before heading to his apartments high in the castle. In a darkened hallway he stopped and took the small vial out from his kimono and uncorked the stopper to release its content into the half pitcher of fresh water. He knew what he was doing, but if anyone saw Mitsuhide Akechi do what he had done, hell would break loose. He chuckled to himself as he continued on his way as he thought about the rumors that swirled around his person and the actions such as this that would give them actual credence. He was, of course, drugging Nobunaga for his own amusement but not with a poison as everyone would assume. He knew the castle was in for a long day.

When he arrived in his Lords apartments replace the water on his desk and poured a glass for him. Nobunaga reach for it took a deep go and then looked at him puzzled, “this water tastes different?”

“I had it infused with some botanicals. I thought that it would enhance the flavor just a small bit.”, Mitsuhide said. “I hope that it does please you.”

“Always one step ahead aren’t you.”, Nobunaga replied as he downed the rest of the drink. And then poured himself another. The other man just did there and enjoyed the watching his Lord continuously drink the water until it was completely gone. He knew the effects of what he had actually put in the drink would take a few hours so he went back to his room in the castle and began to plot on how he could get the Princess to go to Nobunaga’s apartments by herself. He definitely didn’t want Hideyoshi or anyone else to get in his way.

This whole thing is basically nothing but an experiment in a joke in his own mind. He had planned this all out, and for months he’d been slowly gathering the supplies that he needed. This was something of a cruel joke using his allies and friends as guinea pigs to see if the aphrodisiac that the small village outside of Tamba actually worked. He figured that it actually did work even though he really didn’t believe in the effects of these natural aphrodisiacs, but the village always had a huge crop of new children in the springtime. He was always wondering if it had anything to do with the aphrodisiac or just the simple fact of the timing of mother nature. This in itself was just a small experiment to see if it could already increase the libido of certain people, he had planned on somehow dosing every single one of his friends and he had thought about doing it all at the exact same time but he also realized that he needed to be able to observe silently and from the shadows each time so he devised a plan, and it would take over two weeks for him to be able to gather enough information. The simple fact was is that he wanted to see how it affected each person’s personality. Sometimes you can’t really judge a person by the character that they provide to the world even his counterpart the goody two shoes Hideyoshi had a more darker side, and he wanted to see if the aphrodisiac would actually bring that out.

Three hours later……..

Nobunaga couldn’t understand the burning desire he had to see the Princess. He had sent pages for the past hour to try and locate her, but she seemed to be out of the castle, and this was making him very frustrated. He had to see her it was becoming an uncontrollable rage of emotion to see her. And he was growing more and more anxious by the minute. He was about ready to cancel war council and hunt for her himself, but he knew that he couldn’t at the moment because they were planning for the new rice production and he had to be there for that. Even though his vassals could easily handle any decisions knowing what his preferences were it was the simple fact that as a ruler he had to be there. By the end of war council which had taken a little less than an hour, he was undeniably fuming and chomping at the bit to see the Princess who had decided to be walking in the hallway at that exact moment when they all walked out of the audience hall. As she smiled and greeted everyone he reached out and grabbed her hand and a mechanical grip that she couldn’t even possibly break and he pulled her along without a side glance for anyone else that was there. She had let out a little yelp as he bent down and threw her over his shoulder to carry her up the stairs to his waiting apartment which he knew would be vacant and no one would bother them. Though he had never actually shown any feelings for the Princess who came from the future before, right now the only thing that was burning in his mind was the fact that she was not his. He was going to rectify that fact. He had no idea what had possessed him over the past few hours however the inability to find her and the thought of her being with somebody else drove him past his point of no return.

“What has gotten into you Nobunaga?”, The Princess asked.

“You are my lucky charm. It’s time that you become something else as well. Are you willing to do that?”, He grunted out as he placed her on the floor.

“What exactly do you mean?”, She asked hesitantly. He decided not to answer with words; instead, he chose to respond with actions. In one swift movement, he grabbed her and placed her in his arms as his head lowered down and he took her mouth with a vengeance that she had never seen before or felt. It was like he had become someone else who had no limitations on anything and he was willing to share that with her. It was a new feeling for her to think of him this way but she had always loved him from the moment she arrived she just didn’t realize it at the time. When she answered him with her mouth instead of with words he took that as a yes and continued on into a much deeper kiss. It seemed like the time when on his need became unbearable to leave open. She had begun to claw at his close, and finally, he decided it was time, to indeed make her his.

Much later in the day………..

The vassals have been looking for Lord Nobunaga for with seem to be ours, and no one could locate him, of course, no one had actually looked in his personal apartments since no one thought that he would be there. Or asked the resident snake who had been lurking outside the apartments and at the bottom of the stairs for most of the afternoon. He had actually learned quite a bit as he patiently and somewhat disgustingly listened to what was going on in his Lords apartment. He was waiting to see how the fair princess faired through the ordeal. Mitsuhide smiled to himself maybe, just maybe his magic potion did work and change a few things in people. Nobunaga being so open with the princess during the few hours they had just spent together as he snooped around. He knew further information was needed though. As he heard footsteps in back of him, he turned around and pulled his usual snakish smile from nowhere and spotted his next target walking his way. Hideyoshi was stalking closer as he saw the man in front of him. He was walking his way with that damn smile on his face.

“I do believe, his Nobunaga is quite busy at the moment and would like not to be disturbed.”, Mitsuhide said as he got closer.

“Where is he?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“In his chambers…… with the princess. They are rather busy at the moment.”, Mitsuhide said as he floated back in the opposite direction.

Hideyoshi turned and followed the man not wishing to disturb the pair if they were talking business or anything not even thinking they could and were doing what they were. No one saw the princess for the rest of the day, except for Nobunaga of course who saw more of her then anyone could have imagined. The smile they both had never faltered for a few days the week they both disappeared for a day.

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