Aphrodisiac series four


Aphrodisiac Series Masamune

Mitsuhide had to wait and watch Masamune to see when would be the man’s weak point. Masamune would often cook meals for him and Mitsunari because neither cared much for eating both for different reason’s. He couldn’t taste so eating became just a thing to do to survive and keep his body going. Mitsunari because even though he was a tactician and a genius one at that, he would just forget to eat while he was lost in some book. Masamune felt the need to make sure every few days they had a real meal to keep their energy up and their bodies healthy, just in case. It was well known throughout the upper vassal’s of Masamune’s inability to handle any type of alcohol, and for that reason, Mitsuhide had taken to switching the man’s water for sake at different events. Mitsuhide has found it ever so amusing to watch as only a sip or two in the man would tip over and fall asleep in a drunken coma. Dosing him with the tonic in the vial wouldn’t be all that hard, but he didn’t know how the over flirtatious man would handle it running through his veins or how fast it would take effect. He had to plan this out, and for that he needed time, luckily this was his own experiment, and he had all the time in the world to figure it out.

After a few weeks of watching Masamune while he worked it out what exactly he was going to do and when. He suggested to Masamune that instead of cooking at Hideyoshi’s Manor he should do it at his own and he could possibly invite the princess for the dinner as they had not seen her in a week or so as she had been busy with her commissions and her work as caretaker of the castle. Masamune’s eyes lit up at the idea, and he jumped up and ran pretty much with the idea. Per normal Mitsuhide had to pry Mitsunari from his book but both headed over to Masamune’s manor way before they were expected. He had to be there early enough to dump the vial in his water, but only his water, before the Princess arrived. Otherwise, his plan could quickly fall apart quickly.

He found that dosing the water wouldn’t be an issue as he had walked out of the room but left his cup for water empty to fil he emptied the vial and waited for Masamune to pour his own water in the cup. It had worked out even better then he had hoped and planned for. He paused and watched as Masamune looked at the still almost empty cup and refilled it with water and quickly downed the contents. He smiled at Mitsuhide and said, “You’re not going to trick me today by switching my water.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”, Mitsuhide replied easy as it was never his intention for today, at least.

“Sure.”, Masamune replied as he left the room to check on the food once more.

Mitsuhide just smiled to himself content with the knowledge of what he had done. When the princess arrived, he watched and waited quietly as a mouse, who saw the goal in reach. He hurried dinner along and saw the change in the man he had just given the tonic too. His eyes dilated, and he looked with a burning lit in his blue eye. Mitsuhide had figured he would react faster to the potion then the others and he was happy to know he was correct. After they hurried through the meal as the princess said she would help clean up, Mitsuhide grabbed Mitsunari who again was lost in his scroll and walked out of the manor without saying goodbyes or a thank you.

When the princess and Masamune returned to the now empty room, they were surprised by the lack of Mitsu’s there. She also went to take her leave when Masamune grabbed her hand and led her out to the veranda to look over the back of his manor’s full lawn’s. It was sunset, and the colors played well in the sky as they changed. The two stood in silence when he leaned over and took her lips with his own and then proceeded to devour her slowly. Though his control was legendary, he lost all of it as he thought about her underneath him. He drove the wild beast inside to the breaking point, and he lost all of his control. Her sounds just edged him on more and more until he had to have her, and luckily for him, she wanted it just as bad.

Neither the princess nor Masamune slept much that night, but the sounds that were coming from the lord’s chamber kept everyone away from the door. Her soft sounds versus his own louder ones had every person in the manor with the distinct impression that the princess was with him, and would probably be with him for a while. Everyone could have seen his growing infatuation with her and his people could not be happier with this result. When the two emerged the next morning, they were greeted by knowing smiles and nods.

Mitsuhide watched the scene of the two walking into the castle together, and his grin was recalled to his face. He knew his plan had worked by the simple, pure blush she had when Masamune touched her cheek in a quick goodbye and also the stolen kiss before he turned away to go talk with Nobunaga. Probably about his actions and the fact that the princess was now his. Masamune’s playful nature would only extend so far when it came to her.

Mitsuhide for his part counted his success as a win. He had one more person to test out and that one wouldn’t be all that hard to do as he didn’t notice if things tasted off. Mitsuhide would have to think on the when though as to plan it out successfully. The scatterbrained genius of a warlord maybe is the only one who the whole plan could fail and miserably. This was going to take thought and hope that it would work in the end.

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