For all of you saying “oh shes that type of mom”

I’m not really. Hahaha I hate conflict. However I know what men see when they see me. I am barely five feet tall and small. I am always underestimated also with my slight accent I am seen as a small southern woman.

Fuck that stereotype. I have seen more southern woman hold their own in the face of adversity than anyone else. My mother was slightly taller than I am and I can see her ripping a grown man to shreds with words probably to the point of he wished he was being switched.

The fact that this is going to be a thing. I just heard him a few doors down about 15 minutes ago saying that he wanted to show me how he would handle a woman like me. He never could “handle” someone like me and I will be happy to show him that fact as well.

As a parent I am fairly laid back. I have my moments but for the most part I let my kids make mistakes. I let them do sometimes stupid things. The rocks have been an issue before. Tempting little shiney rocks. However that time there were rocks in the street and I saw him do it. Two weeks of me telling him everyday NOT to touch the rocks. They are after all my front yard.

What I don’t get is why? Why this grown ass man wanted to start an issue with a ten year old. Boogs is probably one of the sweetest and most loving kids on the planet. Everyone loves him. He is just one of those people.

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