If this doesn’t sum up Little Miss nothing else does (P stands for “progressing”).

She had her daycare open house/progress update last night. She’s mastered most of her skills but….man she is stubborn. Which in some ways is good and in others isn’t.

I’m also glad her teacher was gentle with one of the other moms who was watching her and a bit…worriedly went “her language skills are so much more advanced than M’s.” And her teacher jumped in almost immediately and went “Little Miss is 2.5 while M just turned 2. There’s a lot of development that happens in that six months.” Because she’s absolutely right .

As a mom I have also had this happen. R was never 2.5 I think or now it certainly seems that way. They were always ahead of the curve but boogs was stubborn and like me decided he wasn’t going to speak until he was nearly 3. I had doctors telling me he was autistic, that he needed therapy, and so much more.

As a former day care teacher from my college days I learned a lot that each child has their own speed at doing things and I wished back then that parents themselves would stop comparing their children to each other and others period. Everyone is different. I hate report cards. I hate standardized tests. I really hate “those teachers” who think everyone should be at the same place at the same time.

In Connecticut there is a thing called the tiers. If your child doesn’t fall into one of the reading groups they end up in the tier program. The problem, you may ask with this, is you can never get out of the tier program. Ever. It is designed to keep a child within it as it just repeats and they learn no new skills. Monkey was placed in the program. After three years and two different schools I removed her from it after fighting for months. Then her reading scores went down as if to say “mom made the wrong choice.” Every years she was at the school I was told she needed back into the program and my answer was the same “you can not force someone to like reading.” Her first year in high school she was tested again. She read at a college sophomore level.

Basically after this ramble I mean to say the teacher did good there and some worss of advice tomother parents, children are just little people. You don’t expect all adults to act the same or be on the same level stop pushing kids to be. All that does is make them feel inferior to the other person and not woth anything. It’s like if you have a sibling and your parents keep asking why are you not like _____? It kinda makes you dislike ______ and your parents for even asking it.

Damn i ramble in the mornings.

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