Warrior Kat

I know I make jokes cause I’m funny.seriously though I feel like I battled today and won. Now I am exhausted.

For context if you haven’t already gathered I am close with my two sisters and not my older brother. He is the golden child of the family and this he was given into for everything. My sisters for the most part were just there for the ride but me, I was the fuck up of the family cause well I did a lot of things my *mother* said were wrong. Oh fucking well. I am now 41, happy, and have a pretty nice life. I can’t complain to much at least.

My brother is the cheapest person alive. Think scroog but worse. 9 years ago he asked me for something and I being the sister I am agreed because well I am fucking nice and it would help him and his family and save him money. Well this has been a thorn in my side for years. Getting him to part with his precious pretty pennys has been nothing short of a migraine. Well today ended a stand off between us. For now at least. He not only parted with his precious pretty pennies he paid me more. (Remember he is beyond cheap) I won the battle and set new ground rules.

Now if i can inpart one thing…… it is super important…… if you are ever in a position of “helping” someone out for what ever reason but at some point you expect to be repaid, reimbursed, whatever…… GET IT IN WRITING. Have that shit notized. All communications in writing as in no phone calls do it all through emails.

How I finally got my brother to bow to me, I had to threaten him. I gave him a specific time and date to which the thing I helped him on would be shut off but the thing that hit home, was when I said I would be handing over the emails to the estate lawyer I have on retainer. He knew then and only then I would Pull no stops and he would lose that service. He caved.

And that is how Kat finally lost the pissy mood she has been in for a week.

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