tell me how you feel about me on anon!


🌞 – i really like your blog!

🌙 – you’re really cute! 

✨ – i love seeing you on my dash!

☄️ – we don’t talk, but i wish we did!

❄️ – you’re my best friend!

🌸 – you’re really sweet!

💫 – you’re super talented!

⭐️ – you have a nice aesthetic!

– i have a crush on you!

💐 – i wish i could take care of you when you’re sad!

💥 – you seem a little bit intimidating!

🔥 – you need to stop being so hard on yourself!

🍂 – i don’t like you very much!

🌈 – i think i really like you… 

No one ever does these but what the fuck.

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