Mitsuhide’s willful daughter

Mitsuhide’s willful daughter

The princess knew of all her children with Azchui’s Kitsune; their middle daughter would be the most like him. She not only looked more like him she also had his sneaky personality. Their sons were more laid back as she was, however, her husband had, of course, trained them to handle a sword as well as your friend Sasuke who taught them with essential skills for being a ninja. She often had to sit back and watch as the two would go at it head on when she was nothing but a toddler following him around day and night. Mitsuhide doted on all of his children; he loved them all in their own unique way. He trained Their daughters along with their older and young brothers, but the one who took all his lessons to heart was his second daughter who he knew was going to cause trouble when she was older than her ten years now.

He remembered her as a baby, the first of his children to look entirely like him with very little of her beautiful princess mother in her. She was headstrong from the beginning, and she was also the one who favored him over her mother. All the rest of his horde wanted nothing to do with him until they were older opting to stay and cuddle with the princess. Minka was different, she wanted him, and he spoiled the young girl until he saw the effect she had. His friends had dubbed her hurricane Minka because where she went things happened. He knew she was fearless and often started little troubles around the castle town, but when she was three, she snuck into the castle’s kitchen with the help of one of her older brothers and got ahold of Nobunaga’s konpetio. She moved it from its regular place to another not taking any but relocating it to a location she thought was better. She had heard her uncle Hideyoshi complaining about how Nobunaga would steal his own candy and she as a child thought that was ridiculous. Why steal your own candy? So she moved it, and she sat back and watched from the courtyard as Nobunaga lost his temper when his candy stash was gone. She thought silly men, even then. The whole castle was brought down as the lord and master was losing his mind when her father and mother both looked at her. Her mother was laughing slightly, and her father looked deadly as they both made their way over to her to ask if she had anything to do with this. She smiled at both, and they both knew she was going to be in trouble and get worse with age.

When she was five, Minka wanted to learn from Ieyasu how to use herbs. After talking with the princess, he agreed to show her a few but none that could be used in any poison. Minka was slightly upset with that news, but even then she could understand how misguided her uncles were. She was trying to help most of the time, and they were the ones being backward about it. So like always she took the labels off Ieyasu’s jars to make new ones that were more clear to read and forgot where everything was again. She just wanted to make things easier for him, and he told her to go. She tried to help and yet again she knew she was just misunderstood. She thought it had to do with the last name as they always said “There goes another Akechi, just like her father,” though she had no idea what that meant at the time, but that saying went with her as she grew. Funny as it was no one said that about her brothers and sisters

She was now nine and wanted to help more. She was taking cooking lessons with Masamune who was cooking for a feast, and she was determined to help. She knew by then taste and flavors were lost on her father, but her mother enjoyed them. She also knew Ieyasu loved spicy things while most others didn’t. She wanted to help and her uncle Masamune was the fun uncle as he worked around the kitchen he was fun to watch chop things up, and he was patient enough to help guide her. She was in the kitchen as he was plating everyone’s dishes while she was waiting to help she saw what she thought was Ieyasu’s plate and she decided to add a half jar of red pepper flakes because surely he might like her again if she surprised him with the spice. That was until all the dishes went out and she saw her uncle, Mitsunari with the plate that Ieyasu was supposed to have. She went to stop him but it was too late, and he was already popping them into his mouth. She waited and watched as his color changed, and he started gasping for air. Her father instantly looked at her and knew as he got cold water for his friend and took his daughter outside before the rest of them could accuse her of trying to poison everyone.

“Minka, Why?”, he asked as the two walked.

“I was trying to help again.”, she replied. “It wasn’t supposed to go to Mitsunari but Ieyasu. He would like the extra spice.”

“Minka, My dear, can you not try to help for a little while?”, He asked. Knowing that the others knew this one would be the one to follow in his footsteps and have doubt thrown on her always up to something as he was.

“Papa, I was just trying to hel.p.”, she cried out.

“I know Minka. You are unlike your siblings who are tempered with a good portion of your mother, you, however, are special in a different way and very much like me.”, he started. “You will often be misunderstood so for the time being could you please tone it down a bit in helping people.”

“I guess papa.”, she said as her head hung low.

“Run home.”, He said as he went to go inside to make her excuse only to find Nobunaga laughing and everyone else in good spirits. He walked to his wife and cocked a brow at her.

“Mitsunari decided he liked it after all. I am taking it Minka had something to do with the spice war?”, she asked.

“That girl will kill them all, I swear.”, he said as he sat down next to her taking her into his lap.

“She is the most like you.”, she said smiling.

“I know, that’s what scares me.”, he said hoping for the future as he knew his daughter would have a hand in future whether it is bad or good.

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