Mitsuhide x MC “Perilous Games”


Fandom: Ikémen Vampire

Kinktober: Day 5 || Gun play

Genre: NSFW +18 (No hint of violence at all)

Word Count: 2.040 (buckle-up it’s a long one)

Author’s note: Hello my dear darlings! I’m a tiny bit late for this one but it matters not, it’s here mis pieces de resistance! I just wish to apologise profoundly if this is sloppy. I’m trying to be quick since I’m unprepared and this was a last minute call (I was oblivious to gunplay kink), but I hope you enjoy it! 
I will see your on the 7th 🍎 and 8th day 🎩

[The challenge] ~ @alloveroliver


“Will you humour me in a game, little mouse?”

He approached you after his birthday banquet came to an end, offering a challenge.

And you should have known better. He is trouble, the danger in his eyes prominent and unmasked. Yet you answered affirmatively. His low baritone voice rang in your ears like the song of a siren, luring you into a deadly trap. His devilish smirk only confirmed that he was up to no good.

“Come to my palace tomorrow by twilight. I will be expecting you to be on time” he finished. He took your hand and left a lingering kiss on the back, his golden irises piercing right through you. Your mouth hanged open and a deep shade of red graced your cheeks, your breathing heavy and laboured. “The smallest amount of tease and you are a mess”, you scolded yourself. How are you to handle what he holds in store for you when the sun goes down tomorrow?


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