I enjoyed our wedding!

We had about 140 people at ours and I think it was about 12-13K usd?

My parents did give us some of the money (partially because my Dad had a few requests and offered to pay for them) and my family/friend’s are crafy so we made a bunch of things (invites, bouquets, table decorations, etc). I also got my organist for free as my wedding gift from him. (Also- if anyone wants a great story about my MIL trying her best to seem not homophobic, it happened at my rehearsal and I will tell it in a heartbeat).

We, very specifically, told people we were having a low stress wedding. I told my bridesmaids they could pick any style of dress as long as it was the same color. Oddly, they all fell in love with the same dress (it had pockets!). One bridesmaid wanted to chop her hair off a few months before the wedding and I was like “I don’t control you. Cut it and we’ll figure out something cute.” We invited kids and had kid activities for them.

I feel like it’s all in what you expect. I didn’t expect perfection. And I didn’t get it but I got an AMAZING day.


We’re trying to keep ours to 40 max and it’s still looking to be $20k easy thanks to the wedding industrial complex. The worst part is I have yet to meet someone who enjoyed their wedding. 😦


They had huge weddings. That’s at least $30,000!


I had 90 and I’m glad it wasn’t bigger.

That said, I have been to weddings with 1000 guests and they are scary.

Growing up in small towns + religion = big weddings or being spoken ill of in the village by those who were not invited


How the fuck did they have 600/700 people at their weddings? That’s insane. I had like 125 and it still cost 12k

I had 30+ people at my wedding and it cost less than a 1000. I also enjoyed the event very much despite the ways my mother in law tried to ruin it.

A wedding is really nothing more than a party and should honestly be treated as such. It can be whatever you make it to be.

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