Here a scene that hit my mind: a pregnant MC, Mitsuhide’s head in her belly and BAM! Baby choose to kick (just imagine his face lmao xD)


As theybsettled in for the night he always made sure to snuggle with his unborn child. He was talking to the several large bump she had as it was growing closer to her due date. He rested his head on it as he just sat there telling the baby things. Her fingers running through his hair as she felt relaxed and serene know this was their routine.

She felt the small movement and his eyes went wide like they they always did whenhe felt the baby move. Then out of the blue the kick came. It was exactly where his cheek was resting. He looked up and confusion and it looked like almost hurt feelings played over his face, then he started to chuckle.

“Just you wait, monster. I will get you back!” He said the bump as he placed his hands there in place of his face.

“Did you just threaten our baby?”, she asked.

“Never my love, but I will get him back with some tickle torture.” He replied as he kissed her temple.

“Tickle torture huh?” She said giggling.

“I am the torturer for the Oda forces.” He replied causally.

“And you plan to use that with our child?” She asked.

“Maybe.” He said.

“Mitsuhide.” She replied.

“I will never hurt our son. You know that.” He said softly.

“I know that but what if it is a girl?” She asked.

“Then she will be tickled as well.” He said with a chuckle. “Of course she would get it less because she will be like you.”

“You don’t care do you?” She asked.

“Never. It is you and me in a new line regardless of which it is.” He said softly in his soothing voice. She smiled and waited knowing he was going to be kicked again soon. Since this happens every night as the two play together.

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