HC for the oda forces and uesugi-Takeda when their s/o see MC in an oversized shirt and underwear because kimonos are uncomfortable. You could make it nsfw, sfw, fluff or anything else. Love you. Sending good vibes your way 💖


It’s bedtime…. the lamps are low and though waiting for him to return home has been nerve wrecking she does manage to fall asleep. She long since gave up trying to sleep in the restricted kimono and made a shirt that was langer but not like the long sleeping gowns that she knew the people in the west were using. The shirt itself was just enough to cover her behind. Since she made the switch a week ago while he was away she has never slept better.

He walks in….


He looks around and sees a leg. He looks more closely and see the whole. He silently approves of the shirt though he has to make sure no kne ever sees his territory.


Happy to be home he apots the low light of your shared room. He walks in and looks arouns not being able to see you. Then a movement on the futon catches his eyes. He is in shock when he sees the shirt slowly riding up. Though he enjoys the sight he is far more concerned with you catching a cold.


“Idiot is still awake!” He grumbled to himself as he enters his palace and saw themlight on but low. He was greeted by the sight of her legs and backside.

“Thats new.” He said with a slight smile as he kept his eyes on her while changing. “More reason to hold her close otherwise she might get sick.”

(Yeah right Ieyasu)


He bolted into the room to find her sprawled out on the futon with her new sleeping outfit. He is not really shocked as he has seen her designs and knows about the future. He however decided in that moment he was going to have some more of those things made for her. It was a delectable sight he could get used too.


He walks in and goes blank. He sees sooooo much. He feels his temp go higher and can’t take his eyes off her legs and the bottom half of her rump. She sighednin her sleep and he decided then to wake her to show her what this new outfit did to him.


“My sweet little mouse was trying to wait up for me?” He though as he moved into the room and then he stopped and saw her. She had talked about things from the future before and he could picture some things ut not this. This was different. He smiled as he forgot he was tired. It was time to show his mouse that he appreciated her sewing work.


He walked in to The room without noise and instantly saw she had that on. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. Though not a traditionalist he certainly didn’t like the idea someone else could see her like this either. He changed quickly and moved to the futon knowing he would talk to her about it in the morning.


What is my angel wearing? He walked around her on the futon looking at it closely. He however decided he didn’t care because it gave him access much easier for early mornings!


He looked at her and thought she forgot half of her clothes. He felt his cheeks get warmer as he looked at her and a gentle stirring in his loins. He kinda liked it but was sure never to tell her that.


He looked at her and wondered how she could adjust to this time period so well. Now he only wished he had a few so she could wear those ones instead.

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