Happy birthday Mitsuhide

Happy Birthday, Mitsuhide…..

The day was like every other except he was looking forward to the day. The princess of Azchui would be over at some time today, he knew. It was her sunny personality and her way of trying to please everyone at every time. Today she had proclaimed it was his day, his birthday.

He never thought the day was particularly special. So what it was the day of his birth? It meant very little to him, just another day of working and working on his web. She, however, wanted to do something for him. He didn’t understand the sentiment but if she wanted to do some silly little thing he would make the time for her and her alone.

He could hear the commotion of when she entered as his servants loved the Princess as did everyone in the castle and castle town. If Nobunaga introduced her to the entire country, she would probably win over everyone as well. He assumed it was her smile and naivete. So he waited and waited, but she didn’t come to the door. He arose from his seat as he thought to go and see what was keeping her. The maids hushed the moment he opened the door as she smiled brightly. He knew he interrupted something and he hoped no one was planning anything.

She followed him back to his room as he went back to work as she stood at the door. Staring at him as he went to sit down with a look of confusion. When he looked up, he saw her frown and her wrinkled brow. He knew something was wrong, though he couldn’t place it. “Princess?”, Mitsuhide asked with a raised brow.

“Mitsuhide what are you doing?”, she asked.

“Working.”, he replied.

“You said you would be ready to go when I arrived.”, She said with a slight huff in her voice. He picked up on the sound though he was sure she didn’t realize how she sounded.

“Oh, you meant outside. I thought we would be staying here.”, he replied a little taken back by the fact she wanted to go out, with him, in public.

“I told you Mitsuhide. I made plans.”, she said.

“You made plans, princess?”, he asked.

“Yes, you need to do something on your birthday Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“I do not understand why you insist.”, he said as he stood, keeping his face clear of the warm bubbling in his chest.

“Because it is your birthday.”, She said as she hopped with joy. He waited for her to exit the room before him as she walked out the maids handed her a sack and she nodded with a smile. He was taken back as the maids nodded back and bowed to them both.

“Come on Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“The town is the other direction, My dear.”, he stated.

“I know. We are not going into town.”, She stated as she headed down the path away from the town. She knew he would have gone with her anywhere she wanted to go, but he would be uncomfortable in town, always looking over his shoulder and never being able to relax. She had been scouting for a location for this afternoon for a few weeks now. She had found a spot she didn’t think anyone had been in forever. It was untouched and amazingly beautiful. She hopped and nearly skipped as he kept pace with her. She noticed he always slowed down when he walked with her. He never moved more then he had to when he walked or did anything physical. He was slim, but she had known that his body was lean, but it was well sculptured. His muscles were there he just didn’t make a show of them, as some of the other warlords did.

“Where are we going?”, he asked.

“You’ll see.”, she said with glee.

“You seem sure of yourself Princess. This is not in the normal area that you should be.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Why not?”, the tiny princess asked.

“Bandits.”, he stated as he pulled her a little closer.

“Mitsuhide it is safe.”, She stated. She led him through a small path into the trees, and she reached up to take his hand and was surprised at his warn hand clasped around her smaller one. “Here.”, She said as she unpacked the small sack. It had a bamboo rug that she laid it out. As they sat, she continued to unpack a small feast and a bottle of sake. He looked up at her with a question. “I scouted this area out. The area is desert, and we could hear anyone coming some distance away because of the pine needles. Mitsuhide, my gift to you, is this place.”

“How so?”, he asked confused.

“Mitsuhide you never just relax. This place offers you the chance to do that, outside in the fresh air. Everyone needs that. I wanted to give you that small place you can find peace.”, she said.

He looked at her with wonderment. She was just sitting there smiling at him when he found it very hard to talk. He was swallowing hard when she met his eyes. “Thank you.”, he whispered he couldn’t make his voice come out. “This is the most perfect gift I have ever received.”

She smiled softly and offered him a plate. He graceful took it, but he watched the way she ate. He did not mix her food. So neither did he. She looked so content at the moment, and he felt more relaxed then he had in years. After the two ate she laid back on the mat and just looked up. He did the same. An hour of watching the clouds and discussing the shapes and he lifted his head and gazed at her. She looked at the sun and knew their time was now at an end as the party would be soon after they walked back.

As they walked back, he took her hand again, and he placed the sack in front of his palace instead of walking back inside. He led her to a new way to the caste via the gardens. As he stopped in the garden where the leaves had begun their change before they fell. It was the cold season now. Today had been warm, one of the last truly warm days. He held her by the hand as he stopped to look around. He wouldn’t let go as she looked up to his face.

“Thank you, Princess.”, He said as his usual smirk seemed more relaxed and genuine. He bent down and placed a kiss on her forehead. She moved her face up, and he kissed her lips. “This was indeed the best birthday I can remember.”

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