raising a princess ch 9

well it has been a ride writing this. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. without further ado. 

Mitsuhide was still surprised how his day had gone. At work,
he had been given award for his dedication to his job. when he picked up Sakura
from the school, he had thought something was seriously wrong when she had been
with Kristy. He had not seen anything that led him to believe that she felt as
strongly as she did. He looked down at her with her in his arms. He didn’t understand
her plan on why they had to go to that place for dinner, but he would go along
with it. 

Kristy noticed Sakura was sitting on the couch and she was
looking scared for some reason. “Sakura?” she asked as she walked into the

“What?” the little girl said.

“After daddy changes, we are going to go out for dinner,”
Kristy said softly to the little girl as she sat next to her.

“Okay, Miss Kristy,” Sakura said she yawned again, and
Kristy wondered if the little toddler was having trouble sleeping.

They drove over and almost repeated their first date ultimately.
After the meal, they walked around and used the remaining amount on the cards
he had bought. He went over to the basketball game he had been at when the
little girl had asked her if she could be her mommy.

Sakura looked up at Kristy who was standing right next to
her. “We did this before,” Sakura said.

“Yes, we have,” Kristy said softly. “Sakura I have a
question for you.”

“What?” Sakura said.

“Can I be your mommy?” Kristy asked, and a light glowed in
the little girls eyes.

“You want to be my mommy?” Sakura asked.

“Yes,” Kristy said.

“Daddy?” Sakura called out.

“What princess?” Mitsuhide said as he saw the fear in Kristy’s
eyes. Sakura was lifted up into his arms, and he looked at her.

“Daddy, I have a mommy.” She said as she smiled broadly and
hugged him. “I have a mommy!”

“Yes, you do princess.” He said as he looked over to Kristy.
“And so much more.”

“Now can I have a baby brother?” Sakura asked as she
whispered in Mitsuhide’s ear, and Mitsuhide laughed as he looked at the little
girl in his arms. “We will have to see about that one.”

He put her down, and she ran around playing all the games
she wanted too as both adults watched over her. “What was the whisper?” Kristy

“Sakura asked me for something else.” He said.

“What?” Kristy asked.

“A baby brother,” Mitsuhide said as he chuckled. “She is
rather demanding.”

“Not a bad idea,” Kristy said.

“You want more kids?” he asked. They hadn’t discussed it
before so he had no clue if she did or she would be content with just Sakura.

“Mitsuhide I come from a huge family. Of course, I want to
have kids.” She said as she looked at him. “What about you?”

“A few more like her wouldn’t be too bad.” He said as he
looked at the woman by his side, “As long as they turn out like their mother.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said softly.

“Sweetheart I think I got why you wanted to come here but
just tell me if I am right. Didn’t she ask you to be her mom right there?” Mitsuhide

“She did. I told her then we would have to see.” Kristy
said, “it was only fitting that I tell her there in the same spot.”

“You are something else. Can you take tomorrow off?” he

“I wasn’t supposed to work anyway, why?” she asked.

“I am going to take liberty. I want to spend the entire day
with the most important females in the world.” He said with a grin. “Plus I don’t
plan on letting you sleep too long.”

“Mitsu.” She said. “Did you forget your daughter wakes up at

“I put a lock on the door.” He said with a grin. Two weeks
into their relationship, Kristy had once again fallen asleep on Mitsuhide as
they relaxed in the back yard. He had helped her back into the bedroom, but
this time she didn’t fall back asleep and in the middle of the two of them making
love the three-year-old walked in on them and started asking a lot of questions.

Remembering that whole incident made Kristy blush. “Well, I guess
if you put it that way.”

“I love you, Kristy.” He whispered in her ear. “You know
this all started because the other daycare didn’t like when I called her a

“She is a princess.” Kristy said with a smile, “Our


A year later……..

“Are you planning on staying in bed today?” Mitsuhide asked
as he looked at Kristy who was in bed sitting up.

“I wasn’t for the whole day you know.” She said with a
smile. “Would you stop pacing like that?”

“It is the only thing that works.” He said softly. “You know
that.” He continued to walk around the room, and the silence filled the air. He
went over to the corner of the bedroom and looked down as he placed the now
sleeping baby girl down in the playpen.

“Now come do that with your son.” She said from the bed.

“He doesn’t like it,” Mitsuhide said as he crawled into bed.
“Only she likes to fall asleep on me. He likes you better. I can’t say as I blame
him, though. You are rather soft.”

“Sakura slept in today,” Kristy said as she looked at the
clock as Mitsuhide start to play with the baby in her lap.

“Stop playing with him while he is eating.” She said as she
tried to glare at Mitsuhide. “He takes forever as it is.”

“I can’t possibly understand why?” Mitsuhide said as he
looked at the baby attached to her breast. “This whole parenting thing is
easier when there is two people. Even if you get a little crabby at me.”

“I hope it is easier. You have enough experience, and Sakura
doesn’t mind sharing you with her brother and sister.” Kristy said with a

“She is still our little princess,” Mitsuhide said as he
kissed her temple and the baby stopped and looked up at him with a smile.

“Toki finish up; otherwise, your mother might kill me,”
Mitsuhide said to the baby who turned his head and started rooting around

“We do have to go to the new school.” Kristy said with a
sigh, “as much as I want to stay in bed.”

“You are right, of course,” Mitsuhide said as he looked at
the two babies in the room. “Doing anything requires both of us.”

“Mitsuhide we do have to go. Sakura’s placement in the
school is important.” She said.


In an office two hours later, “Mr. and Dr. Akechi.” The headmaster
looked them over, “Sakura’s placement test was off the charts. We will be happy
to accept her in the fall.”

“Thank you,” Kristy said. “We look forward to her being

They walked out with Sakura and the twins onto the stairs,
and Mitsuhide looked up at her, “Why did we pick this place again?”

“This is the best school for math and computers Mitsuhide.” She
said with a slight smile, “They also have classes on manners and etiquette.”

“That matters?” he asked.

“Well, you wanted to raise a princess, didn’t you?” she
asked with a smile, “Those are some princess classes.”

“I guess I did.” Mitsuhide smiled at his wife and his three
kids. “I guess they all will have to go here.”

“Two princess’s and a prince. The world will never be the
same.” Kristy said as they put the two car seats in the back of the car.

“How about another prince to add to the mix sometime in the
future?” Mitsuhide said with a grin.

“We will have to see about that,” Kristy said with a laugh,
and they went on back to their house to see about just that.

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