Latest projects

So I have a few going on as well as still unpacking from the move from hell.

A friend has talked me into a semi-autobiographical humor book. Which is something I am not sure I can do but some of the things I have done in my life are hilariously stupid and most would find humor in them. I think it may be a collection of shorts on different events.

Next is this….

I meant to take a before picture but instead this is a beginning middlish picture. Last week I went to go pick up a bike for Kiss and saw this in the window of a auction house shop. It was screaming at me so I went it and bought it. It was in rough shape. The colors were faded and well gross. I decided on a color scheme and started yesterday on the beginning of repainting it. It will take a week or so for me to finish as i saw a few things i want to change.

I also have boxes. I hate boxes. But regardless I do have to unpack still. My craft closet also needs a complete redo because I have to much crap.

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