writers problems

so I am sitting here writing a new chapter for raising a princess and I was going through what could be a very hard scene and the humor in the character’s dialogue is hilarious, at least to me, I am sitting in my quiet house laughing hard. 

then it hits me. I wrote that whole scene. I am funny. so I start to laugh harder. why can’t I be funny during the day when my computer isn’t in front of me?

That all leads me to tell you something hilariously stupid I said today. My husband cooked dinner tonight. he had prepped all the food and had a bowl of mushrooms thinly sliced. I grabbed some and ate them, being the dork I am I said outloud with my 15 year old in back of me. “I like fungi’s in my mouth.” she nearly died laughing. Then M(husband) called dinner which was beef stroganoff “Beef stroke me off” which had the girls laughing at him. well it was good and I licked the bowl. he looked at me dead faced and said “Well you like fungi’s in your mouth and you licked the beef stroke me off. I knew there was a reason I kept you around.” 

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