raising a princess ch 8

They all sat down for breakfast together. Mitsuhide looked
at the woman in the kitchen and then his daughter. “Sakura Kristy and I want to
talk to you about some things.” He said.

“What Daddy?” Sakura’s eyes looked at him.

“Kristy and I are going to date some more. Okay?” he
prompted, “Remember what I told you about a date?”

“Yes.” Sakura said. 

“Okay. Kristy is going to be here with us and around us
more.” Mitsuhide said. “because I like Kristy and I think Kristy likes me.”

Kristy who was bring food to the table smacked him on the
shoulder when he said that. “You think?” she asked playfully.

“I will never put words into your mouth.” He said with a

“Just other things.” She replied and when she turned she
thought she saw a hint of color creeping on his cheeks. She smiled at that.
“Like ice cream. What are you thinking about?”

He knew that was his cue to leave for a minute. He got up
and went to the back of the house where he wasn’t in the room with them. He
wanted to listen but he couldn’t find a place he could.

Kristy sat down at the table with Sakura, “Sakura I have a
big question to ask you.” She started, “it is a very big girl question though
and I need you to think about it before you answer it, okay?”

“Okay Miss Kristy.” Sakura said with her eyes bright and

“Sakura like your daddy said we are going to continue to
date but I have to ask you something important. I want to know if you are okay
with sharing your daddy with me? If we continue to date it won’t be just you
and him anymore but I will be around too. You will still have your special time
with your daddy and I won’t ever get in the way of that but are you okay with
me and daddy spending more time together and sometimes being alone?” Kristy
asked. She hoped she put it in a way that the three year old could understand.

“Like when you are in daddy’s room?” Sakura asked.

“Something like that.” Kristy said trying not to either
laugh or cry.

“Amber’s new daddy dated her mommy.” Sakura said with a
straight face, “Are you going to be my mommy if you date my daddy?”

“We can’t say that right now sweetheart. I like your daddy.
Your daddy likes me but we have to see if we could be good together and that
takes time. If your daddy and I last some time maybe I will be your step-mom
but I can’t say that now. I can tell you I will always be your friend though.
You and I can also go out and do things together.” Kristy said.

“Okay.” Sakura said and kristy was confused to which part
was okay.

“Are you okay with sharing daddy?” Kristy asked.

“Yes. And doing things with you. Are you going to live here
with me and daddy. I want you too.” Sakura said. Kristy looked at the little
girl and saw something in her eyes. Kristy knew then Sakura was planning
something. It was the same look her father got when he was up to something.
Mitsuhide walked out and looked at Kristy as she nodded her head and he looked
up to the sky for a minute to hide his relief.

“Ready to eat?” he asked his daughter who looked at him.

“Daddy I want Miss Kristy to live here with us.” Sakura said
and he nearly spit out his coffee. “I asked her too.”

“Sakura we haven’t hit that part of the relationship just
yet.” Mitsuhide said as he ran his fingers over her hair.

“Don’t take to long daddy getting there you’re getting old.”
Sakura said and with that Kristy choked on the coffee and started to laugh
hard. She looked up into his face when she stopped laughing and could settle
down and his eyes were also planning something.

“Thirty one is not old.” He said.

“Well to her it is like being the age of dirt.” Kristy said
with a small smile.

“And how about Kristy?” he looked at his daughter who he
could clearly read her eyes as well. He knew that she was going to be the
biggest supporter of their relationship because she wanted Kristy to be her

“Miss Kristy is a girl, daddy.” Sakura said with a bit of
sass. “Girls don’t say their age.”

“And where did you learn that?” he asked as he looked at his
daughter amused.

“Amber.” Sakura said.

“I am beginning to think Amber is a pain in my.” Mitsuhide
said as Kristy covered his mouth.

“She repeats.” Kristy said softly.

“True.” Mitsuhide said with a smile.

“Well after breakfast I should be going.” Kristy said. Four
citrine eyes looked at her quickly.

“Why?” the owners of those both sets of those eyes asked.

“I don’t want to change your plans.” Kristy said with a
smile, “And I need to change.”

“We didn’t having any plans that I know of for you to
change.” Mitsuhide said as he touched her hand. “I am I sure I have something
you could wear.”

“We can go feed the ducks.” Sakura said as she looked at her
father, “You said we were going to feed them last night.”

“You were asleep, munchkin.” He said. “We could go feed the
ducks. “No one there will care what you are wearing if it iss something of

“I don’t have a choice do i?” Kristy asked with a smile.

“Well you always have a choice, sweetheart. It would just break
our hearts if you chose something other than us.”

“You are good.” Kristy said as she tried to look serious at
him, “Really good Mitsuhide Akechi.”

“How good?” he asked as he kissed her hand.

“I guess good enough to keep me here.” She said and Sakura started
laughing. She got up and went back to her room upstairs to pack her backpack
for the ducks.

“Just good enough to keep you here huh?” he asked softly as
he pulled her to sit on his lap when she stood to go back to the kitchen.

“Mitsu.” She said softly. “You never know when little eyes
are around.”

“What did she say?” he asked as he looked into her eyes.

“She said she would share you.” Kristy said. “I think her
awareness of moms and dads is coming from amber and her mother getting
remarried. I hate to inform you of a small fact. Amber’s mother is my cousin
and I know that Amber is really excited to have a new dad. Sakura sees things
and places them almost like an adult would. She sees her friend’s mother dating
and she is getting a new dad. Sakura sees you dating and she thinks she will
get a new mom. I think in her mind she has made it up and she chose me.”

“I knew that kid had good taste.” Mitsuhide said. “You know
I think you are right. She saw you first and told me I should have you over for

“Oh she did?” Kristy said. “Mitsuhide the important thing is
we keep talking to her. I also explained the what if.”

“What do you mean the what if?” he asked.

“Look Mitsuhide. I do like you and you haven’t hidden how
you feel which I like but there is always the possibility that this could work
out or it could fail. What ever happens I want Sakura to remain separate from
that. I want to still be there for her if things don’t work out between us. I
told her we will remain friends.” Kristy said and Mitsuhide looked at her and
knew the instant he fell in love with the woman he was staring at. It was that
second. He didn’t even have to think about it. He always thought it would take
weeks or months or even years but it was that second when she said that to him.
He also knew he never felt that way about anyone before. He brushed his
fingertips down her cheek and she smiled at him.

“You know when Sakura was left here that night I watched her
for a little bit in the basket she was in before I called the police. She
opened her eyes and I saw them for the first time and I knew she was then mine.
She refused for a week to sleep in her playpen she would only sleep on me while
we were on the couch. I never thought there would be another person who would
want to help me with her. I never thought I could want another person to help
me with her. She is the last piece of my older brother. Kristy I want you to
help me with her if you will. I don’t just mean with the girl stuff that I am
still at a loss with but everything else in life. I made it three years without
any help and I would really like some now.” Mitsuhide said softly. “I want
Sakura to grow up and be like you. Full of life and a light that shines through
you. A woman who is smart and more intelligent then she lets on but has no
problems talking to children at the same time. I can’t think of anyone else I
would ever want to help me raise her.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Kristy said as she looked at

“Say you will help me.” He said as he brushed his lips on
hers. Before the contact became complete she whispered back, “I will help you.”


Five weeks later…..

Kristy was in the office when she heard a scream coming from
the back room. She got up and rushed into the classroom where she saw the two
toddlers on the ground and bleeding from what looked to be a run in with each
other. Sakura looked at her as the tears fell from her eyes and Kristy went to
her without thought. She picked up Sakura and brought her back to the office to
calm her down. Kristy got out the first aid kit and started to clean up the
cuts and rug burn on Sakura’s little knees.

“Shhh sweetheart. You know it is okay. Does it hurt?” Kristy
said softly.

“Mommy it hurts!” Sakura said and she looked at Kristy with
wide eyes still full of tears.

“Sakura it is okay my sweet.” Kristy said as she rocked the
little girl after she placed the band aid on Sakura’s knee. Kristy kissed the
little girls head as she did. The other teacher came to check on Sakura and
Kristy told her she would stay with her for a while. It was naptime and Kristy
knew Sakura was tired. She yawned as she found a comfortable spot.

“I love you mommy.” Sakura said as her eyelids dropped and
Kristy felt her heart soar. She knew that the little girl knew she wasn’t her
mother but she was so hopeful that Kristy didn’t have the heart to correct her.
She dropped the word mommy every once in awhile and Kristy never thought to
stop her. She looked at the girl in her arms and knew she was supposed to be
her mother. Kristy loved the man who was supposed to be this little girls
father as well.

Sakura slept soundly in Kristy’s arms well passed the normal
nap time. Soon Mitsuhide walked in and as he walked by the office he looked in
to see the woman he loved cradling his daughter against her as he used to do
when she was a baby. He smiled and walked into the office. “What happened?”

“She fell and skinned her knee.” Kristy said as she looked
down. “There is an incident report for you to sign in her classroom.”

“How did she end up here?” Mitsuhide asked as he lifted the
girl in his arms.

“I cleaned her up.” Kristy said. “I know we weren’t planning
on anything tonight but I would like to go to that place we went on our first

“Whatever you wish, my love.” He said as he looked down at
her. He went into the classroom and signed the paper he had to and got Sakura’s
things. She was waking up as he put her in her seat. “Good afternoon princess.”

“Where’s mommy?” Sakura asked. As she looked around.

“Sakura.” He said.

“Daddy where’s Miss Kristy?” Sakura asked.

“She will be home in a little bit.” He said.

“Daddy.” Sakura started to say and then she went quiet.

“What?” he asked as he was driving.

“Nuffin.” She said as she looked out the window. He could
tell something was going on in her head.

Kristy arrived at the house less than an hour later. She
walked in and he looked up. “Honey did something else happen with Sakura

“Why?” Kristy asked.

“She isn’t acting right.” He said.

“When she fell asleep she called me mommy again.” Kristy
said. ”Actually a few times this time.”  

“I thought she understood.” He started to say but she put
her finger on his lips to quiet him down.

“That is why I wanted to go out to dinner.” Kristy said. “Mitsuhide
I want to be her mom.”

“What?” he asked.

“Mitsuhide I want to be her mommy. She cried out for me when
she was hurt and I went to her. She fell asleep on me telling me ‘I love you
mommy’ Mitsu I want that.” Kristy said.

“Do you know what you are saying?” he asked as he looked at
her with a light growing in his eyes.

“I want to marry you.” She said.

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to say that.” He
teased as he cupped her face. “Kristy will you please marry me and help me
raise a princess?”

“Yes.” She said and he kissed her.

“Now do we have to go to dinner still?” he asked with a
gleam in his eye that she had grown to know and love.

“Yes we do.” She said.

 one more chapter to go……

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