raising a princess ch 7

“Well we can’t feed the ducks now.” He said with a shrug. He
was running out of things to keep the date going. He almost sighed with regret
that he was drawing a blank on anything more to do, even with a sleeping
toddler with him. As if dating was a foreign concept dating with a child was
near impossible, he was beginning to think. 

“That is okay.” She said with a soft smile. “It is pretty to
get sit here for a while and watch.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah. I mean look around Mitsuhide it is almost fall. Soon
all the leaves will be changing color and then falling off. Right now is the
perfect mix of late summer flowers and hardly any pollen in the air. The air
might have a chill at night and early morning but it isn’t quiet sweater
weather. It is just cozy.” Kristy said as she looked around. “Soon it will be
sunset and those colors that paint the sky is definitely something else.
Sometimes I wish I was an artist just so I could paint them and do them

“I never thought about it that way.” He said.

“You’re a man. Most don’t think about things like that
unless it is pointed out to you.” She laughed. He looked at her as she did
laugh, it was even more beautiful to see that then any sunsets. Her face was
pure happiness. He was amazed she was here with him. “Oooh. Mitsuhide ice
cream.” He looked at her as she pointed to the cart that was down the path.

“Do you want some?” he asked.

“Surprise me.” She said as she nodded. He got out of the car
leaving her and Sakura in the car and walked toward the cart. He was reading
the sign when he got close the man behind the cart looked him over.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Two bowls of chocolate, please.” Mitsuhide said and the man
looked him over again.

“For you?” the man asked.

“No. My date wanted some.” He said laughing.

“A date. Then you want one of these.” The man said as he
made one large bowl with different toppings. “Trust me. This will add to the

“Oh really?” Mitsuhide said amused.

“Yes you get to share this. It will add to the date.” The
man said.

“Probably. Unless my daughter wakes up.” Mitsuhide said with
a deep chuckle.

“Well that I can’t help you on.” The man said as he nodded
and Mitsuhide walked back with the sundae mix to the car. He looked down and
saw the man only gave him one spoon. he laughed and realized how it was
supposed to help the date.

“That is one hell of a sundae.” Kristy said as her eyes lit

“Well it is the Friday date special.” He said. She looked up
at him and laughed. “I believe I am supposed to share this with you.”

“I think you are.” She said as she smile. He dutifully gave
her spoon after spoon taking one for himself in between. When the sundae was
done he looked over and saw a small bit of whipped cream on her cheek. He moved
his thumb over the spot as he wiped it off and she looked at his thumb and then
took his hand and licked it off. “Can’t waste that.”

“You really shouldn’t do that.” He said as his voice lowered
and felt his chest tightened slightly.

“Oh why is that?” she asked softly as she looked him in the

“Because.” He said as he moved his hand behind her head and
pulled her closer to him as he watched her eyelids flutter closed. The vice
around his chest tightened even more as his lips met hers and soon he licked
her bottom lip and she sighed. His tongue found his way into her mouth and they
began a dance. He continued with the slight pressure on her neck so she
couldn’t back away though she never gave any sign of even wanted too. He felt
her hand tug on his shirt. It seemed like time stood still within the car as
she moaned softly into his mouth and he felt everything snap and crumble around
him. he started to pull back in stages as he eased his hold on her though she
didn’t on his shirt. He lifted his head and looked at her and when she opened
her eyes he was lost in the depths that were there.

“Mitsuhide.” She said softly.

“What?” he asked as he tried to speak but it came out rough.
His voice was lowered and the desire he felt was laced in it.

“We should go back to your house.” She whispered.

“We should.” He said. He had to think about that for a
minute before he started the car. His hand grasped hers and gently played with
her fingers as he drove.

He pulled into the drive way and then they looked at each
other. “Kristy you can come in and stay a while if you want.”

“I want too, Mitsuhide.” She said softly. They both got out
of the car and he took Sakura out of her car seat and she was dead asleep propped
on his shoulder. He had given his keys to Kristy to open the door and he walked
in as she shut the door. He continued to walk up the stairs and to Sakura’s
room. He laid her down in her bed and he pulled the covers up on to her. He
walked to the door and like a repeat of the previous Monday he blew out the air
in his lungs as he shut the door.

He walked down the stairs as he looked around for Kristy and
couldn’t see her. He went to the window in the front of the house and looked to
see if her car was still there. He could feel his heart sinking but when he saw
her car still there he was confused. He couldn’t find her anywhere until he
looked at the back door. It was unlocked.

He walked outside and he saw her standing in the moonlight.
She was beautiful in the light of day but by the light of the moon he thought
he had walked out to find a silver sprite in his back yard. When she turned to
look at him he couldn’t breathe. He was stunned by her. She walked over to him
and smiled as she just leaned into him as his arm wrapped around her.

“I couldn’t find you in the house.” He said softly.

“I thought the air would be nice for a bit.” She said as she
turned up to him.

“Kristy.” He said as he couldn’t find the words he wanted to
say. She reached up and placed a finger on his lips.

“I know.” She said. “Mitsuhide let’s just enjoy tonight for
what it is.”

“and that is?” he asked.

“A new chapter.” She replied and he smiled at her.
“Hopefully a long one.”

He kissed her softly then and she wrapped her arms around
his neck and they stood there in the moonlight with kiss after kiss for the
nest few hours. Soon Mitsuhide could sense she was growing tired as the intensity
was dimming. As she laid her head on his chest while they sat in his backyard on
the loveseat he had for the patio he knew she was falling asleep.

“Sweetheart come on inside.” He said. She very sleepily murmured
something as he helped her up. “You can sleep in my bed. Ill take the couch.”

She seemed to nod as he guided her to his bedroom. She
stumbled a few times as she walked and he realized she was exhausted from the
day and the late night before. He helped her into the bed.

“Mitsuhide?” she asked quietly.

“What honey?” he said as he moved closer to her so he could
hear her with her tired tiny voice. “Stay with me?”

He didn’t know if he had that much self control left in him.
it had been a very long time since a woman was in his bed. He looked at her as
she forced her eyes open to look at him and he knew he could. He could because
the emotion in her eyes mirrored his own. She wanted this to last, like he did.
He nodded and then grabbed some looser pants and went into the bathroom and
changed quickly. He walked out and got into the bed and she rolled right to him
and snuggled up as he pulled the blanket to cover them both.

He fell asleep with her in his arms. This night he didn’t
dream of doing wicked things with her. He dreamt of a future with her by his
side. One date and he knew she was the one to stand beside him.

He woke up with a small weight crawling on his legs and up
his turso. He blinked his eyes open and he saw two golden yellow eyes looking
at him. “Daddy?”

“What Sakura?” he asked with his voice extremely rough with

“Why is Miss Kristy in your bed?” the little girl asked. He
looked down and not only saw his very observant and early rising daughter there
but also Kristy who was still asleep on his chest.

“Sakura go play in your room.” He said softly. “Kristy is
still sleeping.”

“Okay daddy.” She said and bounced off her fathers legs onto
the floor. The movement jostled the woman in his arms and on his chest enough
to wake up. She blinked her eyes open and she stretched slightly. She looked up
into the older pair of golden eyes who greeted her with a kiss on the nose.

“Good morning.” He said.

“Good morning.” She said back with a smile.

“Sakura is up.” He said softly.

“Is that what woke me?” she asked as she laughed softly.

“I am afraid so.” He said. “She is still learning to knock.”

“So she saw me here?” Kristy asked.

“Yes.” He said.

“Will that be a problem?” Kristy asked.

“I don’t think so.” He said. “if we explain it to her she
won’t get upset but if we don’t she will be confused.”

“And how do you want to explain it to her?” Kristy asked
with a soft smile.

“The truth is always the best way. We tell her how we feel
and then what she can expect to have happen. Kristy you are the first woman in
both of our lives that I really want to stay around. I don’t know how to do
this whole dating thing without having a toddler who can’t knock, I wasn’t good
at it when I tried. Work was always the most important thing until she came
along. I am at the point where I do want to go through all of it again but with
some help this time. Sakura loves you as well.” He said.

“You are right.” Kristy said with a smile as she thought of
what he just said. “And I love her as well. Mitsuhide I think we should talk
with her but I also have to talk to her by myself.”

“Oh?” he asked as he looked at her.

“We talk about an us situation with her together but I have
to ask her a question and you can’t be there when I do.” Kristy said.

“What question would that be?” he asked as he looked into
her eyes.

“If she is willing to share her daddy with me?” Kristy said.
“If she is then everything is fine. If she is not we have to take this very

“God I hope she is.” Mitsuhide said under his breath and
Kristy laughed which made him kiss her until she was breathless.

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