Would you like to see a couple more pictures of the extended cat family in my house? πŸ˜†



Ummmm yes! Do you really even think you have to ask?

This first one is my darling cat Dutchess, who I haven’t shown before but I’ve had her since I was little. Asserting that the kitty treats are hers alone. yes i realise my house look like garbage but that’s how it be

That’s her again, after I obtained her forgiveness for not petting her much since the kittens were born.

The kittens like climbing up my trashcan sometimes… πŸ˜‚

I sound like such a mom but look at how much they’ve grown in just a month!!! ❀❀❀❀❀

Another one of Ms. Kitty; our very own Neko-San if you will!

and last but not least, Parfait taking a brief respite from moming. Episode 356 of “How Did You Get Up There?!”

Mitsuhide approves these pictures….

Akechi is hiding trying to piss off her brother Monkey. Gargies is to busy eating some cord. Angel is like kittens that aren’t mine……

Oh and the house thing don’t worry. I still have boxes everywhere and ten cats who like eating said boxes and four kids. My house is always messy lived in…..

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