raising a princess ch 5

Mitsuhide was late three more days during the week. He always
came home to the same scene with Sakura curled up on Kristy and the two resting
on the couch in the living room. He always found it the most peaceful and
wonderful sight and one he hoped he would continue to see. It was calming to
him to finally have some help with Sakura who seemingly was doing better in
school and even for him at home. He had always encouraged her to speak her mind
and they would compromise on things but this week she hadn’t given him any attitude
on anything.

After he dropped Sakura off on Friday to which he wasn’t surprised
that Kristy wasn’t there. She had left close to two in the morning after
telling him that she was going in for the afternoon but the morning. He had
sent her a time to be at the house or he could pick her up at her place on the
way. He had found a place that had both a nice restaurant and a playcenter for
children. He had heard of it from one of his friends who had been roped into
going to it for a kids birthday but had never thought to take his daughter
there yet.

He was grinning as he was packing up his bag to go home for
the day. His boss walked in. “No you don’t” Mitsuhide said as he looked at the

“What do you mean?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“I am not working late tonight.” Mitsuhide said as he shook
his head. “Pile it on next week but not tonight.”

“Plans?” his boss asked.

“Yes.” Mitsuhide said with his grin spreading across his

“I wasn’t going to ask you to stay. I just wanted to check
in with you. You haven’t been acting like yourself this week.” His boss said.

“I have a date tonight.” Mitsuhide said.

“You have a date?” his boss asked. “You haven’t been out
since Sakura.”

“I know.” Mitsuhide said. “ She kind of works at Sakura’s
new school.”

“Do you think that is a good idea?”

“She is perfect.” Mitsuhide said. “Look I don’t think that
it is wonderful or this will be easy but damnit it has been a long time.”

“For?” his boss asked.

“Anything.” Mitsuhide laughed. “Now if you will excuse me I have
to go get my daughter so we can go get ready for our date.”

“Your taking Sakura?” his boss asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“You think that is smart?” his boss said as he followed the
man out of his office and to the outer door.

“Smart or not Sakura is a part of this. She is coming.” Mitsuhide

“Have a nice weekend Akechi.” His boss smiled.

“I certain hope too have one.” He replied.

Mitsuhide drove to the school and walked in. he was still in
a wonderful mood. He looked in the office and saw that Kristy was in there with
another parent. She turned his way and smiled for a second as she turned back to
the parent in front of her. He chuckled to himself and went back to Sakura’s

“Daddy!” Sakura said as he walked in. “are we going home?”

“Yes Princess.” He said as he picked her up. “We are going
out tonight.”

“We are?” she asked.

“We are.” He said with a smile. “Time to go home and get

They walked to the front and he saw Kristy who was alone in
the office. “Did you get the text?” he asked quietly.

“Yes I did. Sorry I haven’t been able to think for five
minutes since I got here.” She said with a smile. “I will come over.”

“This time park in the driveway.” He said with a soft smile.

“Ok fine.” She said. He asked her on the second day why she
parked in the street when he had plenty of room in the driveway. She replied
then that it was because she didn’t want to be in his way. The two looked at
each other and then he looked down at the little girl in his arms, “I have to
scrub a demon princess. See you soon.”

“See you then Mr. Akechi.” She  said as she saw a teacher walking up to the
office and he walked out with a chuckle.

“Am I staying with Miss Kristy again?” Sakura asked as he
buckled her into the carseat.

“No.” Mitsuhide said.

“Miss Kristy is coming?” Sakura asked as she perked up.

“Yes.” He said with a smile as he thought about it. “Sakura
we are going on a date.”

“A date?” Sakura asked.

“It is when two grown ups go out to dinner and usually
something else.” Mitsuhide said. “It has been a long time since daddy has gone
out on a date.”

“Why are we going on a date daddy?” Sakura asked.

“I like Miss Kristy, Sakura.” He said.

“I like Miss Kristy too.” Sakura said.

“Well that adds to the reason I like Miss Kristy,
sweetheart.” He said with a smile. “The fact Miss Kristy likes you too add even

“Daddy are you going to get married?” Sakura asked.

“Wh-what?” he asked as he nearly choked from surprise.

“Ambers mommy is getting married soon. How come I don’t have
a mommy daddy?” Sakura asked.

“Sakura that is a hard question to answer. We will have to
talk about that later.” He said.

“I want a mommy too.” Sakura said.

“I hope that someday you have one.” He said softly. “This is
the first step.”

“What daddy?” Sakura asked as she couldn’t hear what he said.

“Nothing honey.” He said as he pulled in to the driveway. “Come
on. You need a quick bath and then I have to take a shower. We need to look
nice today okay.”

“Okay daddy.” She said as she waited for him to juggle his
bag and  hers with his keys. He unlocked
the door and she ran upstairs to start her bath. He threw the stuff on the
table as he followed taking off his uniform shirt knowing he was going to be
soaking wet after a bath.

Twenty minutes later he was dripping but his little girl
looked again like a child and not a straggly child. He brushed her hair and
began to braid it as he put out her clothes and she giggled as he picked a
dress for her to wear.

“I am going to take a shower. You know the rules.” He said.

“Daddy you say that every time.” Sakura said.

“And I will continue saying it until you follow the rules.” He
said with a sigh. He walked downstairs and judged that he had five minutes
before the little girl was dressed and will come looking for him. he nearly
ripped off his clothes and hopped in the shower even though it was still cold. He
lathered up and quickly rinsed off. He washed his hair and let the water roll
over his body as he tried to calm himself. He was feeling a little to excited
and he was trying to relax. He did not want to seem like an over active teenager.

He wrapped up in a towel and he started to look through his
closet. He went through the closet twice as he looked at everything he had. He was
surprised he didn’t have much that would make him look nice. He finally picked
a white button shirt and a black pair of pants. He was debating on a tie when
Sakura walked into his bedroom.

“Sakura I told you, you need to knock before coming into here.”
He said as he looked at her.

“Why Daddy?” she asked.

“Because you aren’t a baby anymore honey.” He said. “Daddy
needs his privacy just like you do.”

“okay daddy.” She said as she walked out. The door bell
peeled through the house. He walked to the door and opened it and looked down
at her standing there.

“Hello.” She said as she took in the fact she was looking
him up and down as well. He cleared out his throat.

“Hi.” He said still standing there. He looked at her

“Am I early?” she asked.

“No.” he said and then realized he had yet to let her in. “I’m
sorry. Come in.”

She laughed as she looked at him and walked in. he stood at
the door and wanted to bash his head into it. Why was it he acted so idiotic
when she was around. It was like his brain stopped working completely. “You
look beautiful.” He said as he walked up behind her.

“Thank you.” She said. She turned and there was a tiny three
old staring at the two of them. “And who is this little princess? It can’t be

“It’s me!” Sakura said as she giggled and ran to the young
woman to give her a hug.

“Oh my it is you! How pretty are you?” Kristy said as she
hugged the little girl back.

“Daddy said we are going on a date.” Sakura said. Mitsuhide
looked at his daughter hoping with everything he had that she didn’t say
anymore than that. He realized he had made a huge tactical mistake in telling
his daughter anything. The three year old had no concept of keeping things
private and between them.

“We are.” Kristy said with a smile. “Do you know where we
are going. Your daddy didn’t tell me.”

“No.” Sakura said, “He didn’t tell me either.”

“Well how about I show you both instead.” Mitsuhide said as
he grabbed his wallet and keys. He scooped Sakura up and whispered in her ear, “The
rest of what I told you do not repeat it.”

“Okay daddy.” Sakura whispered. A smile he had seen before came
over her face and he knew he had made his second mistake. His three year old
daughter now had something to use against him. he shook his head and just
sighed. He was going to be even more on edge now. So much for relaxing.

They all got into his car and he was driving while asking
her questions. He wanted to try to get to know her as a person not just a
beautiful woman who stirred him in ways he didn’t want to think of. “Why did
you want to be a doctor?”

“I thought of ways I could do something I liked. I always found
science to be fun. The science program at the school Ruth did most of that for
me. When my mother got sick I was still young and I wanted to fix her. Now I want
to take the last class and pass my mcats so I can go on to study pathology.”
She said.

“That kind of doctor.” He said with a smile.

“It kind of puts people off so I don’t talk about it often.”
She said.

“I think it is interesting.” He said.

“Really most people are grossed out by it.” She said. “I
believe that everyone should have a voice. In this case I am that voice for
those who can’t speak anymore.”

“I think that way of looking at it is amazing.” He said. “And
realistic. You are right everyone does.”

“You are not just saying that are you?” she asked.

“We never learned how my brother died. I wish someone like
you had been there and spoke for him.” Mitsuhide said.

“I am sorry.” Kristy said.

“I should be over it by now, but I have a constant reminder
of him.” he said with a chuckle.

“Maybe later you can tell me more on how that happened.”
Kristy said.

“I will.” He said. He never really talked about those first
few days learning what to do. He was trying to stay sane as he was sleep deprived
and he felt even more alone. “Does everyone help out with the school like you
do, I mean in your family?”

“Most do. My sisters come in every once in a while to do
arts or music. My cousins will help out if needed. One of Sakura’s teachers is
my cousin as well.” Kristy said.

“I have cousins.” Sakura said.

“My younger brother just had his first.” Mitsuhide said. “Sakura
is happy to be an older cousin.”

Kristy turned and looked at the little girl, “it is a lot od
responsibility being the older cousin, you know.”

“I like it.” Sakura said, “I get to boss them around.”

“Spoken like a true older cousin.” Kristy said as she
laughed. “I was one of the younger ones so I was the one always bossed around.”

“I don’t remember if I had cousins.” Mitsuhide said. “We
weren’t close with either of my parents families.”

“Well you missed out.” Kristy said.

“Miss Kristy do you have brothers and sisters?” Sakura

“I do.” Kristy said with a laugh. “I have seven older
brothers and Four older sisters.”

“Thats a lot.” Sakura said with her eyes full.

“It is.” Kristy said as she smiled.

When they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. She
smiled even more. “Have you been here before?” Mitsuhide asked.

“No but I have heard of it.” Kristy said.

“I hope you don’t mind.” He said as he motioned to Sakura, “I
thought it would keep her busy.”

“I think we all will have fun here.” Kristy said with a
smile and nearly had him melt right there in the parking lot.

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