Raising a Princess

I was asked a question by @dmiqueles about what if instead of the female lead of my stories had children what if Mitsuhide was a single father and he wanted to start a new relationship. 

I thought about this over the weekend and started this new story with this twist. 

Prologue under the cut.

Mitsuhide Akechi arrived at his near empty house just as the
weather had turned chilly. It almost found it a comfort as he unlocked the door
and walked in placing his bag on the ground and walking deeper into the house. It
was quiet and nothing was out of place though the sheer emptiness of the
somewhat large house could be overwhelming at times. Today it was a blessing. He
looked around and turned on his television for some noise and he walked over to
the closet in his kitchen to see what ready made meal he would eat today. His life
was simple though he was beginning to think he wanted more out of it.

As the meal heated he took off his uniform shirt leaving him
in his undershirt and his pants. He placed it over the chair he used more as a
clothing rack then a actual chair. He heard the word storm and looked up at the
television to see where the storm would hit and how much possible snow or rain
it would dump on to the area.

The newscasters were again beginning the hyping of a storm
that would probably not amount to much. He shook his head as he took out his
food and sat in front of the television and began the simplicity of his unwinding
from a long day of digging around in peoples lives to find out if they were
involved in the plot against the country. Sometimes he loved his job, others he
hated it but he was a necessary evil to have.

After his shower he through on some clothes that had been on
the floor when he heard the doorbell ring. No one ever rang the doorbell and he
wondered for a minute what the sound actually was. It peeled again a minute
later as he moved forward to the front of his house. He cracked the door as he
opened it slowly. No one was standing there. He was about ready to shut the
door when he heard a small squeak. He looked down and saw the basket and the
contents within it. He opened the door and just stood there staring at the
basket on his doorstep. When it finally registered in his brain on what it was
he bent down and lifted it gently and brought it inside. He placed it down and
saw there was a note in the basket as well.

Mr. Mitsuhide Akechi,

This is your brother Toki’s daughter. Her mother could not
take care of her without your brother’s help and had made a promise to him
before his death a few months ago that if trouble should ever arise to get the
child to you. We have already begun the legal process of severing ties of the
mother and you have been named as legal guardian of the baby girl. The only
request of the mother is that you keep her name of Sakura Victoria Akechi.
Enclosed are the legal papers already filed with the state of your residence
and the beginning of others.


The law offices of Turmen and Giloes

Mitsuhide had to read the letter five times to begin to
grasp what was going on. His older brother’s death six months ago had hit him
hard. Toki was the one who everyone had relied on for anything and when news of
his death had been passed along everyone had looked at Mitsuhide as the next in
line to fill that role.

He wanted to be the one people could rely on though it wasn’t
in his nature to be in the limelight. Toki had lived his life in the light and
had enjoyed it. Mitsuhide had always preferred the shadows.  Mitsuhide looked at the small creature in the
basket and knew he had to call the authorities but as he looked down into the
two eyes that peered back at him he knew the letter was real. This was his
brother’s child. The eyes said it all as they were the same eyes he had as

Three hours later from when the police and the department of
child services had arrived they also had left. Everything stated in the letters
had proved to be true and was proven very quickly. He had no time to figure
anything out as the adoption of the child was already stared without his
signature which it was waiting for.

He looked at the baby in his arms which had started making
noise about an hour ago to which he had learned very quickly how to make a
bottle and he fed her like he was supposed to know how to do any of this. He had
called his teammates over and they had come then left to help get him the
supplies he needed to get through the next few days.

He looked at the small baby which he now had an idea of how
old she really was because of the birth certificate. She was three months old.
This tiny thing in his arms which was his brother responsibility now turned on
to him. He couldn’t be bitter though as she reached for his finger and held on
to it.  Everything for him had changed in
the blink of an eye.

He now had a major responsibility. His house was no longer
his own. He had a child to take care off. He looked at her as she fell asleep
in his arms as he walked around the house. He had to think to himself, “What in
the hell was Toki thinking when he picked me?”

Mitsuhide tried for two hours to lay the baby down in the
small playpen that had been set up for her from the shopping trip his friends
took. Every time she would wake up and squeak to him. He finally gave up and
sat on the couch with her still in his arms. He grabbed a throw blanket with
his foot as he dragged it over her and most of him. he laid back on the couch
with the smallest weight on his chest and he let his eyes close slowly. He would
have to figure everything out in the morning.

He had forgot that babies wake up a few times to eat and be
changed. Though at first he had thought it almost wrong to change the babies
diaper he realized that he had too. Though he could only remembering doing it a
few times before when he was a teenager and changing his younger brother and
sister it seemed the result was the same. Sakura stopped crying and she seemed
to be more content. She would fall back to sleep within a few minutes of eating
and being changed.

Mitsuhide knew his whole life had changed in those few
hours. He was now for lack of a better term since he was now in the process of
adopting this tiny thing on him, a father. He had to shake of the thought of
the fact his simple life was never going to be simple again.

In the morning he looked at the child who was now dressed
and ready in her car seat looking at him as he did research on every daycare
place that had openings. Her wide golden eyes reminded him of his own and those
of his siblings. A rare family trait that made the eyes appear almost yellow in
certain lights. There was no denying that Sakura was an Akechi.

He looked over the six he had narrowed it down too. He was
going to have to go through them and look at each one. If anything he was going
to make sure his brother’s child was cared for while she was not in his care.

“Well come on kiddo.” He said as he looked at her. “We
should go and see these places to find out which one you like the best.”

The baby just sat there quietly and looked at him. she
seemed to be absorbing everything around her to which he had to laugh to
himself. “You must be more like me than your father.”

Sakura didn’t make a noise as he went on to tell the small
creature all about the man that was her biological father and the things they
got into as children. He looked at her as he placed her in the back of his car,
“I miss him but now I have you to take his place I guess.”

He drove to the first place on his list and began his new
day as a father. It was going to be a lot hard than he realized to pick a place
that he trusted to watch over her. In a matter of a few hours she had become
not his niece that he didn’t know about but the thing that transformed him
magically into something he never thought he would be. Mistuhide Akechi was a
father now.

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