raising a princess ch one

“Sakura come here!” Mitsuhide yelled through the house.

“No daddy.” She said as she stood on the landing, “I don’t wanna
go to school.”

“Sakura Akechi! I have to go to work and you need to get to
daycare.” He said as he went over to the stairs.

“I is a big girl, Daddy. I can stay here by myself.” She said
as her golden eyes glowed with a knowledge Mitsuhide sometimes hated.

“You are a big girl but baby you have to go to daycare. I have
to go to work. It is Friday and we can go to the park this weekend if you will
just please go to school.” Mitsuhide pleaded with the now three year old.

“I don’t like it daddy!” she said as he moved up the stairs.

“Why don’t you like it?” he asked as he sat down at the
landing she was standing on.

“Daddy Miss Tanya yells all day.” She said. “She is mean. I don’t
want to go.”

“Sakura Do you want to look for another school?” Mitsuhide

“Yes Daddy.” Sakura said as she hugged him.

“Well you still have to go to school today but after my
meetings I will pick you up and we will go look to see if there is something
you like better.” Mitsuhide said as he knew he was giving in to her to easy but
he also really didn’t like the way the school was headed. When he placed her
two years ago in the new school it was fashioned to be more of a learning
center where the young girl would learn things like a pre-school but as time
went by he could only see it being a place where people dumped their children
all day. He hated leaving Sakura in it but until she said something he wouldn’t
move her again. That day finally arrived.

“Okay daddy.” She said as he hugged him and he lifted her
up. He carried her to his car and belted her in to her car seat. Still small he
wondered if she would ever be ready for a booster seat. They got to the daycare
and he walked her in with her small backpack on his back and he looked around. She
walked to her classroom which was in the back, though she was small she was in
the advanced classroom with some of the older kids. He placed her backpack in
the cubby hole she had and he bent down.

“I’ll see you in a few hours, princess.” He said as she
hugged him tight and he pat her back.

“I love you daddy.” She said as she went to the table in the
center of the classroom.

“I love you too princess.” He said softly.

“Mr. Akechi.” Miss Tanya said as she walked up to the man
who was watching the tiny little girl at the table. “We would prefer it if you
only used Sakura’s name here instead of any nicknames or pet names.”

“I will call my daughter whatever I wish.” Mitsuhide said as
he looked down at the woman with disgust.

“It is just that some of the other children do not get
called things like Princess by their parents and we find it gives a false sense
of superioty to a toddler.” The woman went on.

“She is three. If I want to call my daughter princess, I will.”
He said.

“I just find it causes much more trouble down the road.” She
said, “Also I do have to ask you to refrain from doing it here.”

“You know what.” Mitsuhide said as he was trying to reign in
his temper, “I don’t believe that we will have an issue with nicknames any

“Well it is good to see that you are taking my advice
seriously.” Tanya said with a smile.

“I would like my daughters records please.” Mitsuhide said. “Sakura
come here please.”

“Her records?” Tanya asked blankly.

“Yes. I would like her records please, NOW.” He said
forcefully trying to not roar.

“But we don’t give those back to parents unless they are
pulling their children from the school.” Tanya said.

“I know. As of this moment you do not have to worry what I call
my daughter. She will not be going here any longer.” He said as an evil smile
crept over his face.

“But.” Tanya said and the owner of the day care came over to
help disfuse the situation. To which five minutes later he was walking out of
the daycare with a folder on one hand and Sakura holding on to the other.

“Where are we going daddy?” she asked.

“To my job. I have that meeting I have to go to today but
you can stay with one of your uncles. After that we will go find you another
school.” Mitsuhide said.



Three hours later he was standing in front of a small house
as he wondered if he had the right address. This did not look like any of the
other daycares he had been too over the years. He looked down out the little
girl next to him who also had bright wide eyes. He went up and rang the bell. A
young woman opened the door with a smile.

“Hello, Can I help you?” she asked with a slight southern accent he
could detect.

“I called about the daycare about an hour ago.” Mitsuhide
said when he cleared his throat to speak as the woman in front of him was one
of the most beautiful he had ever laid eyes on.

“Oh, Mr. Akechi. It is so good to meet you.” She said as she
opened the door wider to let the two of them in. “And you must be Sakura!” she
bent down to Sakura’s level and put out her hand to shake the girls hand. Sakura
looked up at her father who nodded and she placed her small hand in the one of
woman in front of her. “It is a pleasure to meet you Sakura. My name is Kristy.”
She stood up and looked again at Mitsuhide, “If you will come with me we can
discuss what you wish for Miss Sakura and then if your still interested in our
program I can gladly show you around.”

“Lead the way.” Mitsuhide said as he looked down at his
daughter who also seemed to be taken with woman. They went into an office off
to the side and she left the door open.

“As I told you the owner who happens to be my aunt isn’t in
today. She won’t be in for a week or so but I can answer any of your questions.”
Kristy said as she sat down.

“So your aunt owns this place?” Mitsuhide said.

“My aunt started this place because of the sheer size of the
family.” Kristy said. “We all went here at some point of our lives.”

“We?” Mitsuhide asked.

“My Siblings, cousins, and myself.” Kristy said as she
pointed to a picture on the wall. “We were a huge family and my aunt was the
only one who had a degree in early childhood education. She started this place
to help all of us find a place to fit in.”

“A place to fit in?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Most of our fathers were also in the military. We were born
in different places and often had different backgrounds in education even from
our own siblings at times. She helped us with learning English and getting us
ready for the school systems here. She made the program to help us, her family,
but found that adding a few children from other families was the key to having
a well rounded program. Even now the family is the main users of the school.”
Kristy said with a smile. She looked at the tiny girl who was looking around
the office. “Do you have any questions Sakura?”

“Is that you?” the tiny girl asked as she pointed to a
picture on the wall.

“Surprisingly no, hun.” Kristy said as she walked over and
took the photograph off the wall. “This is my mom.”

“Mom?” Sakura said with a tilt of her head. “I don’t have
one of those.”

“Well if you wanted to see me in one of those pictures. I am
in this one. Though I must be around your age.” Kristy said as she glossed over
the admission of the young girl, “It was when my dad moved us from south America
to here. He was in the military too just like your dad.”

The girl continued to look at the different photographs on
the wall. “Now Mr. Akechi can you tell me what you are looking for in a program
for Sakura?”

“Something that will teach her something. I don’t want her
to be sitting in front of a tv or doing arts and crafts all day every day.” He started
and Kristy let out a small laugh.

“I understand.” She said. “I think maybe I should show you
around so you can see that we are slightly different then most daycares.”

“Yes. I think I would like to see that.” He said and Sakura took
her fathers hand as they left the office.

“Now this right here is the front entrance. Though most
people use it to come and go so we can monitor who enters and leaves we do have
another entrance around back. It has a special badge that you have to have to
open the doors. We do have an alarm on that one as well so we know inside the
building that someone accessed it. These front rooms are our conference rooms
that we can have meeting with families to give quarterly reports on each child.
We do have these conferences on your schedule so if you have an issue we can help
address it here as well. Now here comes the classrooms. This is the babies
room. We have two teachers and eight infants under twelve months old in here. We
also have a floating teacher that helps out in here when needed. Now the younger
toddlers room. And further down the hall over here is the classroom that Sakura
would be in.” Kristy opened the door and waved as all the twelve heads of the
children turned and saw her. The two teachers that were in the room also looked
up, “Please continue.”

“And this is how we say it in French.” The teacher said as
she repeated a phrase in french to the class while the other teacher said, “This
is how we say it in Spanish.”

Kristy shut the door and smiled at the two people she was
giving the tour too. Mitsuhide was impressed already and it seemed his daughter
was. “Now let’s go to the art rooms and the computer lab.” Kristy continued on
the tour showing them room by room and the outside of the building with the
semi large playground.

“This place is completely different.” Mitsuhide said.

“Like I said my aunt built this whole concept from the
ground up. She knew that it would be more effective on the learning parts if it
wasn’t like a school. There is one television in the whole building. That is
only used for the older children on a Friday if they have received enough
credit for the week. They also only watch a half an hour of whatever it is they
won. Language skills are important for under five years old so we introduce
things that will help them as well when they are older. It also helps for those
who have to learn English that we offer five different langagues here. We are a
family regardless and my aunt runs this place like it is her family.” Kristy
said as she sat back down.

“Sakura what do you think?” Mitsuhide asked.

“I love it here daddy.” She said as she looked up at the
woman who was sitting there.

“Okay princess.” He said as he looked up at the woman. “How
much is the school.”

Kristy threw out a number and Mitsuhide looked at her like
she was insane. “How is that possible? I was paying three times that amount at
the other place.”

“Mr. Akechi we believe in quality over making a profit.” She
said. “My aunt will never be rich but she will have the knowledge she helped
guide her children here into something better.”

“We will take the spot.” Mitsuhide said.

“Good, now let’s have you fill these out.” Kristy said as
she pulled out a new folder with a bunch of papers.

“Do you work here?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Actually no I don’t.” Kristy said, “I fill in for the
office if I am needed like this week that my aunt is on vacation. I also help
out here over the summer. I am in medical school and have break then.”

“A doctor huh?” he asked.

“Yes but I owe a lot to my aunt. You will find that most of
the teachers here are either my cousins or they are former students.” Kristy

Mitsuhide looked at her and smiled. This was going to be the
daycare that worked out for him and Sakura. Something told him this was going
to help him with the girl.

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