Raising a princess ch 3

The alarm went off and he groaned. He had not slept well
since he realized he liked the woman at the daycare. His dreams had become
invaded by x rated things that he never imagined doing to another person but he
woke up every time extremely hard and even more lonely. He honestly was not
looking forward to seeing the woman today. He didn’t know if he could look her
in the eye with the things he had been dreaming about her.

Sakura was already up and waiting for him. she had been this
way since hey had changed schools. She was waiting impatiently for him to finish
putting on his uniform so they could sit and have breakfast together. “So Sakura
Miss Kristy may be taking you home today or tomorrow. I don’t know which day I will
have to stay late.” He said breaking the silence in the room as he made her

“Okay daddy.” She said with a smile.

“Will you be a good girl?” he asked.

“Daddy! I am always a good girl.” Sakura said and he looked
at the small girl and almost laughed. She was the most precocious child on the

“Okay. Just be good. I may need Miss Kristy to watch you
again.” He said.

“Okay.” Sakura said as she put on her backpack and he wrote
out the check for the daycare before they left. He stuffed it into his pocket
and grabbed his own bags and helped her in the car. She sat in her seat and
buckled her in. “I love you daddy.”

“What do you want?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked at the
little girl who was beaming up at him like an angel.  

“Nuthing daddy.” She said and he chuckled.

“Okay then. I love you too sweetheart.” He said as he got in
and started the car. He drove off towards the daycare and in the silence he
schooled his facial expression to hide his feelings about the person who would
undoubtedly be at the school waiting to greet them for the day.

When they pulled up into the parking lot Sakura waited for
him to unbuckle her and then she hopped out of the car. He watched his tiny
little princess as she twirled about and he grabbed her bag and slung it over
his shoulder. He reached out his hand and soon enough her tiny one was in it.
He looked down at her and smiled as the walked into the building. There was no
one in the front of the school which was rare. He walked back to the classroom
and helped Sakura put her things away. She went off to the teachers and he
signed her in to the room. He walked back slowly and saw the tiny woman who
haunted his dream for the past two nights sitting in the office.

“Good morning Miss Kristy.” He said as he neared the office.

“Oh Mr. Akechi I didn’t see you or Sakura come in. Good morning.”
She said as she smiled her smile that seemed like a warm ray of light.

“I  have Sakuras next
month payment.” He said as he held up the check to hand to her. She reached out
to start writing a receipt for him and their fingers brushed. He almost dropped
the check completely. “I may need someone to watch Sakura tonight or tomorrow
depending on when I have my meetings.”

“When you find out just give me a call. I can do it either
day. I don’t really have a life.” Kristy said with a light airy laugh.

“No significant other?” he asked.

“God no.” she said. “I have been so focused on school that I
kind of forgot about that part of life.”

“That I understand.” He said chuckling.

“I guess you would.” She said as she looked at him. She went
back to writing the receipt for him.

“If it is today do you need me to leave the car seat for
you?” he asked.

“No I have one in the back of my car.” She said and he
tilted his head to ask a question. “As I told you a lot of my cousins and I went
here as kids, well their kids also go here as well as my nieces and nephews. I get
to bring them home sometimes. I just keep one in the car for those times.”

“Oh I see.” He said. “I meant to ask you what year are you on
in medical school?”

“I have one more class that I missed my last year. It fills
up quick and I will be done. I am hoping to get it this semester. Then I have
to figure out the mcats.” She said.

“Impressive.” He said. “We never discussed a fee either.”

“That is because I don’t charge.” She said.

“What?” he asked.

“I love these kids like they are my own family. I don’t charge
people to watch them for a few extra hours.” She said.

“But I have to pay you something.” He said. “It wouldn’t feel
right if I didn’t.”

“We will talk about it later, Mr. Akechi.” She said with a
smile.  “Where did you want me to take

“You can bring her back to the house if you want. She would
probably behave better there.” He said, “There is an extra key in her backpack
in the small pouch.”

“Alright.” Kristy said as she looked up as she handed over
the receipt. “You have a good day Mr. Akechi.”

“You too. Miss Kristy.” He said as he pocketed the receipt and
started out the door to begin his day.

Her aunt Ruth walked in. “A single father like him would be
perfect for you.” The older woman said.

“Aunt ruth please. He is focused on his daughter and her
well being. I am sure he could have any woman in the world with the way he
looked. He wouldn’t like me.” Kristy said as she looked out the window to the
man getting in his car. It took everything she had to remain calm when he was
even near the building.

“Child come on. You are beautiful and brilliant who wouldn’t
want someone like you to help them raise their daughter? A strong woman is the
best role model.” Ruth said as she looked at the younger woman.

“Like you aunt Ruth?” Kristy asked as she hugged her aunt.

“You are twice the woman I was at your age.” Ruth said with a
fond smile and a pat on the head. “I remember the day you walked in here for
the first time. You looked at everything and you sat in this office and told me
‘yo esta aqui’ and you did. You stayed right in that spot for the rest of the
day. You refused to learn or speak English I think for months though you were
right there sitting. In a way I knew you would be a strong woman then and you
have not disappointed me.”

“Thank you Aunt Ruth.” She said as she remembered that time
as well.

“Now what about him?” Ruth asked.

“Nothing.” Kristy said, “I am doing a little extra work for
him concerning Sakura. I may be watching her a few days this month.”

“Oh is he going on dates?” Ruth asked.

“No working late.” Kristy said.

“Well have fun then.” Ruth said as she walked around to the
other rooms and all of her children were arriving. She thought of every child
that came to this small school was either one of hers or like a grandchild.

She had pictures of past students as they grew up all over
her walls. Including the first group that was her actual children and nieces
and nephews. They helped build this school into the special place it was now.
Every child here was important. Ruth had taken an interest in the small girl
named Sakura who only had a father. It would be nice to see her niece settle
down and have a family of her own as well. The small girl would be a nice
addition to the actual family Ruth thought with a smile as she looked over all
the three year olds in the class with fond eyes for the smaller girl who
excelled at nearly everything she did.

It was mid-day that he knew the long meeting would be that
day instead of the next. He went back to his office and took out the slip of
paper that Kristy had given him the friday before out. He called the number.

“Hello?” she said as she picked up.

“Hi, Miss Kristy. This is Mitsuhide Akechi, Sakura’s father.”
He stuttered out and he began to feel like a complete moron.

“Hi Mr. Akechi.” She said. “What can I help you with?”

“I just found out the meeting I told you about this morning
is today and not tomorrow but may go into tomorrow.” He stammered out.

“So you need me to watch Sakura tonight?” she asked.

“Yes.” He said wanting to slam his head against his desk.

“Not a problem. I am probably going to take off in an hour
is it okay for me to take her then?” Kristy asked.

“If that is what you want to do. I have no problems with it.
If you want to go back and get her that is fine too.” He said.

“I’ll take her.” She said. “I will stop and get my books for
review and them we will be at your house. Is this a good number for me to reach
if there is a problem?”

“Yes. I will have my phone on me.” He said. He felt like a
complete loser when he thought of how he sounded.

“Alright I will see you when you get home.” Kristy said and
for a moment he could let those words mean something completely different.

“Sounds like a plan.” He said, “Thank you again Kristy.”

“Not a problem at all Mr. Akechi.” She said and hung up. She
saved his number in her phone. She then went on to finish the things she needed
to do for their new computer system and then she would be ready to leave.

She walked into the room of three year olds and spotted her
as she came running over. “Miss Kristy!”

“Well hello My favorite little flower.” Kristy said as she
got down to the little girls level. “I just got off the phone with your dad. I will
be taking you home and watching you for a little bit okay?”

“That sounds fun, Miss Kristy!” Sakura said. Kristy stood up
and signed out the girl to the raised eyebrows of the teachers.

Kristy turned around and looked at them ,”I am watching
Sakura tonight while her dad has a late meeting.”

“Good bye Sakura.” Her teacher waved as the other also waved.

“Come on Sakura.” Kristy said as she walked out of the
classroom with a small backpack over her shoulder. “We are going to go get some
of my books for my school from my house and then I will take you to yours.”

“Will daddy be coming home soon?” Sakura said.

“I don’t know when your daddy will be home but we will have some
fun. Do you like the princess’s?” Kristy asked.

“Yes!” Sakura said.

“Which one?” Kristy asked as she lifted the little girl up
into the car seat.

“Ariel!” Sakura said.

“Belle is my favorite.” Kristy said.

“You like princesses?” the tiny girl asked with wide eyes.

“Of course I do!” Kristy said with a laugh and she got into
the car and started it up. She talked the whole way with the little girl in the
back seat who was even more animated then she normally was. That was when
Kristy realized she had no one else who would talk to her about the things that
little girls normally liked. Kristy thought she might bring up an idea to help
her father with this later when he got home. Right now she had more important things
to do like get some books and a movie for the two of them to watch.

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