have you already done an hc on warlords reacting to/helping a blind or very very nearsighted MC?

I only did a short on a blind MC with Mitsuhide.


He has a hard time understanding the full issue. Though he tries too. His fireball and good luck charm can’t see. He however helps her adapt by getting a maid to be her eyes for her until she has the layout of the castle down. The maid stays with her during the day and if he is gone on a campaign.


He sees the problem and wants to find a solution. He also has a personal maid asinged to her and a guard if she goes out in town. He is protective of her and her freedoms but understands her limitations.


After a through exam he sees that there is nothing he can do physically to help her. Though he will think of things to help boost her other senses. She explained how she got around before and he finds that making her sight stick to be helpful. He thinks about training wasabi to be her eyes as well.


He finds that caring for someone who is sight impaired to be different but not undoable. He describes everything for her when he is with her and when he can’t be he finds people to help her around. His life became more open when she came into it so he wants to make sure she has everything she needs around her.


He understands sort of. Though he uses his glasses to read he understands the strain in a persons eyes. He has read about some great things he wants to try that he believes could help. Though often absent minded when it comes to other things he finds his love for you to take over and will ensure your safety at all times with a guard.


He already placed a secret guard around her before she was even with him. Someone so innocent and pure needed to be protected from the evils of the world. He goes o er everything with her from walking the castles grounds to shorter trips into town. She is never left completely alone even if she never knows it. Like Mitsunari he reads up on things he can have made to help her as well.

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