I’m worthless. I was reading some of the stories you wrote and then was all like “WAIT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING!”


Found it!


I remember that one I think. I halp… *trundles off to search*


I posted it here but my tags are generic most of the time. It was a short about a deaf mc and Mitsuhide. I can’t find it on my phone I must have done it on a computer……


RIP writing. This is why I now name ALL of my documents. Even if it’s “Some crazy sengoku idea Naiya made up while drunk”


You know when….

Your searching for something you know you read and you can’t find it? It sucks horriblely. You know what sucks even more when you can’t find something YOU wrote.

I was too. Hahahahaha I have come to the conclusion I write too much.

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