Blind MCx Mitsuhide

She knew she was in trouble when she landed. Everyone sounded different here in this new place. No one seemed to understand that she was different and couldn’t just look them in the eyes when they spoke. She often couldn’t place where they were even at let alone who was speaking.

It took time. She got to know their voices and their way of doing things. They now got how different she was and that made her even more special. One warlord thought she was everything good in the world.

“Mitsuhide?” She called out as he slipped through the door of their shared room though no one in the castle knew that yet.

“Who else would it be my little mouse?” He asked as he sat next to her. He took her hand in his and kissed her palm gently.

“Funny.” She said as she was tickled in her hand. She touched the side of his face, “I wonder what you look like.”

“I am nothing particular.” He said.

“I find you to be something particular, Mitsuhide.” She said as she turned to him and ran her fingers over his face for the thousandth time. “You must be handsome.”

“Mouse you are blind what does it matter?” He asked. “You are also mine.”

“Mitsuhide I am blind not deaf.” She said. “I hear people talk about you and the others.”

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks of my face when you can see my heart.” Mitsuhide replied as he took her in his arms and held her gently against him. “Now sweet mouse lets go to bed so you can feel more of me and my love.”

“Mitsuhide!” She exclaimed but knew this was his way. As their lips met she knew he was indeed handsome and he was hers.

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