Headcanon sick MC


⁃ He sees immediately you don’t feel good

⁃ He tries to get you to take it easy by assigning you elementary tasks

⁃ When you basically start swaying on your feet because you are drained he throws you over his shoulder

⁃ He places you in his futon so he can keep an eye on you

⁃ He has the kitchen make some soup and has plenty of cold water for you

⁃ He will not allow you even to stand

⁃ He keeps you there in bed for an extra day just to make sure you are better


⁃ he starts adjusting his schedule to keep checking on you since you didn’t look right this morning

⁃ When he sees you didn’t eat your meal for the second time he starts worrying

⁃ He REALLY looks at you his next chance

⁃ You’re pale, and dark circles are under your eyes

⁃ He is in an internal panic mode

⁃ He gentle persuades you to go lay down

⁃ He forgets all other tasks

⁃ He stays with you brushing your hair off your face as you sleep

⁃ He sends word to everyone that your sick and shouldn’t be bothered

⁃ He makes sure that you do finally eat something

⁃ When he sees the color returning to your face he loses his panic but doesn’t leave your side

⁃ When you finally start to feel better he works with you all day just to make sure you really are okay


⁃ since this one works with herbs and medicine, he sees it before you even feel it

⁃ He already has an elixir brewing for you

⁃ He carefully gives it to you every four hours even in the dead of night

⁃ He watches as you sleep making sure there is no change

⁃ He has the kitchen staff make special things to encourage you to eat

⁃ He continues to hover, but as you start to feel better he begins to rest himself

⁃ He makes sure you have plenty of fresh air before he allows you to start doing things again


⁃ he sees the dark circles and even though he was going to try something new that night he just places you in the futon not surprised you fell asleep quickly

⁃ He opens the screen to cool the room and give you fresh air

⁃ He snuggles up to keep you warm

⁃ He checks on you throughout the night

⁃ In the morning he cooks you a breakfast that he makes you eat

⁃ He runs around all day but keeps coming in to check on you as he ordered you to stay in bed

⁃ He takes you for short walks as you start to feel better

⁃ He continues to cook your meals for a week to make sure you’re recovering


⁃ for someone ordinarily oblivious to everything he picks up on it quickly

⁃ It is because it’s you

⁃ He notices everything that has to do with you

⁃ He beings by offering you tea hoping that will help

⁃ He spills it everywhere though

⁃ He really tries to help you throughout the day by assisting you in your tasks

⁃ He creates a stir when he enters the seamstress area

⁃ He again tries to help with whatever but it isn’t working

⁃ He finally suggests that you need to rest after you sneeze while sewing and poke yourself for the 43rd time

⁃ He covers you up and sits next to you as you fall deep in sick sleep

⁃ He has a book, so he doesn’t even realize you’ve been asleep for hours

⁃ He just keeps his guard over you until you feel better

⁃ Once you aren’t sneezing or have a runny nose you allow the Eskimo kisses again which always make you feel better


⁃ he has been busy, so the first site of you in days almost scares him

⁃ You’re pale and thinner than normal

⁃ Though he outwardly stays calm and begins to speak he is inwardly panicked

⁃ Once you talk back with a scratchy and lowers voice he gives up trying to remain calm

⁃ Over the shoulder and to his palace you go

⁃ You’re too weak to fight him

⁃ He lays you down gently as he explains you are just to sick to work

⁃ He sends word to the castle you’re ill and with him

⁃ He informs his staff to stay away electing to care for you himself

⁃ He makes you drink a horrible broth however it clears out your head for a bit

⁃ He notices that you are feverish so a consistent cool cloth it on your head and back of your neck

⁃ He made you change into an old kimono of his which feels wonderful

⁃ When it is completely dark outside he gently lays down next to you and just rubs your sleeping body

⁃ He repeats this for days until you feel much better

⁃ After washing day you find the old kimono on your bed in your room

⁃ Along with flowers and some new fabric that somewhat matches the old kimono

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