Request: Treasure


Fandom: Ikesen
Relationship: Mitsuhide/Reader
CW: NSFW (mostly for suggestion) Low to Moderate levels of all things: Kink, self-imposed restraint, self-imposed sensory deprivation, consensual acts. 
Request: blueanimewriting asked: This is gonna be a little self-indulgent but, can I request a smutty scenario for Mitsuhide with a female reader, where he finds a very racy and barely-there lingerie in the reader’s bag which she had from the present day? Like the reader is terribly shy and all but is secretly into very kinky clothes and plays? If you decide to write then just know you’ll make my day! But Thanks anyway:))
Word Count: 1789
A/N: As I said when I answered the request, this isn’t as explicit as a lot of writing out there. This is a lot of suggestion, but not a lot of blow by blow (heh) descriptions on what is going on. It’s just where my head is at right now. 

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