Share this and tag them for everyone to see !

This also applies to writers and memes creators and any kind of content creator as they are also considered artists in my opinion!

@otonymous @azuchi-princess @kasugayamaisforlovers @ikesengoficss @ikesenhell @forallyourikemensengokuneeds @acrispyapple @weird-konpeito @rimalovegood @rubyleeray @toreii @incorrectikesenquotes @dear-mrs-otome @dreams-written-in-violet-ink @goddess-of-writing-wars and many more! I want to thank you all for taking the time to make and write and draw all the content you post. Its thank to all those that we can be considered an active community ! If not those people i would never have become a content creator too.

Reblog this and tag all your favorite artists !

Thank you for this Hun! I am so glad that you enjoy what I put out! I do appreciate this so much.


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