“We’re up the creek without a paddle, now!” to Kenshin. (did i get everyone? lol)



They were out in the gardens when the rain came down so hard and out of no where they had no way of running to the castle or finding other than a set of trees for shelter. they were huddled together as the rain seemed to come down even harder.

“We’re up the creek without a paddle, now.” she said and he looked at her. he knew her sayings always had a hidden mean but this one had him confused.

“What?” he asked abruptly. 

“We can’t do anything without it being the wrong move.” she stated.

“Why didn’t you just say that?” he asked.

“Because my way is more fun.” she said as she looked around them.

“Your way is more colorful.” he said. “You keep me amused.”

“Wonderful. now you figure out a way to get us inside without making us seem like we swam through cats and dogs. I ain’t fixen to get sick out here.” she said with a smile.

****No ieyasu I think unless he was one of the first ones. I think that is everyone though.****

It’s just better, okay?

@forallyourikemensengokuneeds to be sure you see it!

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