people complaining about the lack of content in fandoms lately: maybe if y’all didn’t steal and repost other people’s hard work and actually showed your appreciation for it by liking it, commenting on it, reblogging it, etc, and/or didn’t spend all your time harassing people who like things you don’t like, or like things differently than you, fanartists and writers would feel like producing more work?

This is what happens when you try to push adults out of fandoms. You stop getting content

I can’t speak to the last part because I’m “old” and I’m still writing for Fandoms that I find. I’ve primarily been commissioned by adults and most of my commissions/requests have been for smut. So comments of “adults are out unless they only write wholesome stuff” is patently rediculous.

I’m not huge though and hang out in my corner of fandom. I know there are certain Fandoms I will ONLY write for if I get specific requests (MysMe) because I know most of my ships in that game would get shit tons of flack… But the rest of this Comment, it’s valid.

Im seeing more and more of my old headcanons having maybe five words reworded and people claiming them as theirs. Actually a “new” hc writer seems to be getting a lot of attention with my writing. I find it hilarious to be honest but at the same time frustrating.

I have been told to “delete my account” because I don’t ship certain people together, because I am too old to understand the relationships (still confused about one), am mean to people (really confued about that one), and a host of other things.

I am only saying the truth and since I have been attacked for ‘stealing peoples work’ myself which is also hilarious because mine was out first. I will give one last heads up on this fact, ALL of my shitty writing is copyrighted. If you steal, repost, or reproduce anything of mine without credit you are not only a shitty person you are breaking the law.

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