Reality of Love ch 8

When she woke up in the darkness of the night and thought of how
her life had changed because of the crack in the wormhole instead of going home,
she smiled to herself. This man was home to her. She knew she could not find
another like him in five hundred years if she tried. 

He was just like the other in looks and often in personality,
but he was not as secretive, and he was more open with how he felt. He was his
own master as well. Nothing could stop him if he wanted something and the fact
she was now his wife was the simple proof of that. She got everything she

“My love, are you okay?” he asked from behind her.

“I am.” She said softly.

“Then why are you not asleep?” he asked as she rolled to face

“I just woke up, that’s all.” She smiled at him.

“Then, I did not do my job very well.” He said, “As your new
husband I should rectify that.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I’ll show you instead.” He whispered as he kissed her with an
unbelievable amount of passion, more than she could think that could be
conveyed but a mere meeting of the lips.

He then began his promise of loving her through the rest of the
night. He finally knew what love was. He had thought it was a useless emotion
that he would never know until she fell from the sky in front of him into a
lake. He knew she was the key. The fact she had felt something for another
version of him always had him wondering if he was a simple replacement for the
other. As he got to know her though he knew she must feel something for him,
that was his own. Her eyes would light up when he was near. Every time they did
that he felt his pulse quicken. He found it hard to think at times when she was
near. He also knew that he was grateful to have the chance to have her.

She was his. He knew that simple fact with everything that he
was. She had just given herself to him on
their wedding night, and he knew he wouldn’t ever give her up. Life was
complete for them right now.

When the morning sun rose of the small village by his castle, he
stretched and blinked open his eyes to find her still facing him but completely
asleep. He was overcome with a sense of gain that he kissed her nose and then
her forehead and he tried to get out of the futon without waking the sleeping
beauty next to him. She was waking up slowly as he stopped and watched as her
features when from relaxation to radiant as they came alive for the day.

He smiled to himself knowing he would get to see this play out
every morning for the rest of his life. He enjoyed the sight for what it was. A
simple truth. She was his wife, and he would be the only other man to see her
wake like this.

Soon they were on their way back to the castle so he could
introduce her as what she was, His wife. The leader of the Akechi clan had met
his match when it came to this slip of a woman who entered his life with a
splash. He would finally have a small break from the consonant nagging from the
elders of the clan for him to do his duty. He would. Now he could.

As soon as they appeared in the stable yard, a crowd of people
started to gather. Not only was it well known that the two had been gone the
night before, but it was also possible that the news had spread like wildfire
through the village and it’s people and made it here already. Both of them were
handed cups of water after their ride back. She took a deep sip and did he as
he let the cool water slide down his throat he heard her sputter a few times. He
looked over to see she was choking on the water and grasping at her throat.

“No. This can’t be happening.” He said as he quickly picked her
up and started to carry her into the castle. “Find me who gave her that cup!”

He looked at her, “Calm down a bit. I know it is hard. “ he said
softly to her. “We will find out who did this.”

She nodded but then passed out in his arms. He knew, or he thought
he knew of the poison used. He went to his room and found the small bottle and
uncorked the stopper and poured a few drops into his wife’s mouth. He waited. There
was no change in her, but he was hopeful that she would recover. The fact she
had not died within an hour was the most promising sign as he sat with her.

“Lord Mitsuhide?” he heard one of his vassals voices on the
other side of the screen doors.

“What?” he called out though he was not going to leave Kit alone.

“We found the maid responsible.” The vassal said.

“Place them in the dungeons. I will deal with them later. My
wife needs me more right now.” He said as he looked back at Kit.

“Yes. Sir.” The vassal said, and he went on his way. Mitsuhide’s
senior staff was allowed into his bedchambers to help care for the mistress of
the clan and allow Mitsuhide a few moments peace. He was trying to stay clear-headed
if he needed to do something else, but he was so focused on his young bride
that nothing else mattered to him.

After two days of her just laying there in the futon looking
like she was sleeping again her eyes began to flutter open. She looked around
and saw that Mitsuhide was sitting up against the wall near her, asleep.

“Mitsu.” She said silently.

“Kit?” he said softly as he forced his eyes open to look at
her.  He grabbed her hand and pressed it
against his face. “I thought I lost you right after I got you.”

“It hurts to talk.” She said softly.

“Then speak when you have to my love.” He said as he brushed her
matted hair off her face.

“How long?” she asked.

“Two days.” He replied. “I got you here as soon as I could to
counteract the poison. I thought I took too long.”

“This isn’t your fault.” She said as he cupped her hand on his

“I told you being by my side would be dangerous.” He whispered.

“Don’t,” she said, even softer. “I knew what marrying you meant.
I only want to be with you.”

“Kit please don’t leave me.” He said softly as her eyes fell, and
she went back to sleep.

“I won’t,” she said as she forced out the words.

She spent two weeks in bed with him by her side the entire time.
He tried to sleep as best he could when she was asleep, but he was afraid for
the first time in his life that he might not be enough to protect her. She was
getting stronger, and she could speak better now without the pain of the poison.
He was watching over her the entire time.

“Mitsuhide go hold your counsel.” She said one afternoon.

“Trying to get rid of me, my sweet?” he asked as he brushed her
hair off her face.

“No but I know you have too.” She said with a soft smile. “I am
fine now Mitsu. It is okay.”

“I find it hard to leave you.” He said.

“Mitsu.” She said with a smile. “Go.”

“I will my love.” He said. “Just know I don’t want too.”

“I already knew that.” She said. “Go, and then you can come back
and watch over me.”

“We will be getting a food tester for you,” Mitsuhdie said softly
knowing it was a small thing he could do, but she had said no a hundred times.

“Will that make you feel better?” she asked.

“A tiny bit.” He said.

“I already agreed not to take cups from just anyone. I will get
my own water as well.” She said with a smile, “Mitsuhide this was not your
fault. It was a jealous maid who thought she had a chance with you. Not all
your maids feel that way I assure you. Most don’t even like you.”

“Thank you for that information.” He said with a grin. “That
just means all of my attention can go to my beautiful wife.”

“As if it didn’t already.” She said as she kissed him goodbye. He
walked to the door and slid to the other side of the screen door. She struggled
to sit up but want to get some air. She knew her weakened state was more from
having been kept in bed than the poison. She struggled to stand, and her legs
were weak, but she moved to the veranda where she stood at the rail and looked
over the lake. A sense of peace and calm fell over her, and she had a contented
smile on her face when the head maid walked in and looked around for her.

“Princess?” she said as she looked around the room.

“Out here.” Kit said as she turned to look and the older woman
who knew she would do whatever Kit asked of her. “Can you have some pails of
water brought up. I need to wash myself, and the lake is a little too far for
me right now. I am afraid Lord Mitsuhdie might have a heart attack if I tried.”

The maid looked at her with a smile. “We can do that, milady.” She
nodded, “It wouldn’t do for the master to be losing his head for something so
simple as that.”

“I agree.” Kit replied.

“Now that you are feeling better.” The maid said.

“Lord Mitsuhide will decide when he is ready to try for his
heirs.” Kit said with a laugh. “It will happen sooner or later.”

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