I present to you Kinesis: Chapter 13, please feel free to look for all previous and
future chapters on my Master List and under the “Kinesis” tag 🙂 Love you
all! Is anyone actually reading this lol?

Warnings: None



With some questionable directions, the two of us made it back to (YN)’s house in no time. It looked like a cute little house, but I was beginning to realize maybe everything here wasn’t as it seemed. Once we were safely inside, I was shown a latch in the floor and ushered down into the vast underground tunnel system. 

“Quite the set up you’ve got here.” I whistled as the lights flickered on one by one down the hall. 

“We do what we can. You should be safe here,” they said, walking me forward towards a steel grey door. “I’ll have to let Ranmaru know I brought you here and what’s going on, this is his place after all.”

“Oh? I think I’d like to meet this Ranmaru fella.” What was someone doing with space like this underneath their house? 

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