lesson learned ch16

next few days were a blur to both of them. The people started to arrive with
gifts for the son they had but were shocked to find out there was a second baby
in the room as well. As the two had multiple tests and Noelle could not go to
each of them but refused to allow them to go alone Mitsuhide went each time and
watched over them as they passed each test surprisingly. Though she was born at
a little over five pounds she was perfectly formed and had a good set of lungs
as they found out when she cried.

needy little princess.” Mitsuhide would coo at her and she would stop for a
second and look up at him. her eyes a striking blue were more alert than her
brother who was more laid back and hardly made a sound unless he was hungry.

think she likes you more.” Noelle said as she looked at the two as he sat with
his daughter in his lap as he fed her. He had called his supervising professor
and explained that his wife had given birth somewhat prematurely and he needed
to take leave for a month. Though things were still scheduled that they would be
discharged on the third day of their stay he didn’t want Noelle to be alone
with two newborns for the first few weeks. He had heard from others that was
the most important time for the bonding anyway.

The charge
nurse had come in and chuckled at the sight of the two parents adjusting
everything they had for the two babies. “I can see you in them.” She had said
to Mitsuhide as she looked at the pair.

really?” Mitsuhide smiled. “I think they look like their mother.”

about the eyes.” The nurse said. Mitsuhide just smiled and kept his mouth shut
for once and took it to mean people might think these two were his biological
children. Though he didn’t mind any part of the fact they were not, he also didn’t
want any problems with that later.

you hear that Mouse?” he asked.

“I did.”
She sat on the hospital bed smiling at him. “You are going to let that one go
to your head aren’t you?”

“I have
two beautiful children and a gorgeous wife. How could I not let that go to my
head. You know I never cared what they looked like. The fact is that they look
like you.” He smiled at her. He was about to get up and place his new daughter down
when everyone from the department walked in.

they said as one and he looked at them. “I hope we aren’t disturbing anything.”

“No you’re
not.” Mitsuhdie said somewhat strained.

“So we
heard there was a slight surprise for you as you were only expecting to have
one baby.” The department head said as he moved forward with a large box. “Here
is another car seat for you as we know you were prepared for one but not two.”

give them the rest.” The department head said over his shoulder.

were expecting a boy and also had a little girl. We weren’t sure how you wanted
to dress her but her is a few outfits for her. We knew she was small so we got
premie ones.” Hideyoshi said and Noelle was almost in tears.

“I also
brought some good food for you to have since hospital food sucks. You need to
keep your strength up now that you have two little people and Mitsuhide to take
care of.” Masamune said as he placed the basket of food over next to the bed. “When
you guys go home I will have a few weeks worth of food sent over to your house
so all you have to do is warm them up.”

you all so much.” Noelle said as she cleared her voice to speak. Just then the
baby in Mitsuhide’s arm let out a scream and had the whole room looking at her.

think she agrees.” Mitsuhide said chuckling.

you have a name for her?” hideyoshi asked as he looked at the small baby.

“No we
are still trying to work that out. Maximus took awhile to find but this time we
are in a crunch.” Noelle said. “Mitsuhide picked some weird names for Max when
we were trying to find one. He hasn’t changed with the weird names with her as

princess deserves something nice.” He countered.

Mitsunari asked, “That would be Sara.”

Noelle and Mitsuhide both asked.

means Princess.” The other man replied absently. The two people looked at each
other and then at the baby.

“It can’t
possibly that simple.” Mitsuhide said.

think it is.” Noelle replied.

we have one name for her.” Mitsuhide chuckled.

“Well I
guess it is a start and no real fighting over this one.” Noelle replied as the
other men looked at the two small babies and all smiled. Soon they took there
leave and they were left alone with their small family again.

and Sara.” Mitsuhide said with a grin as he sat next to Noelle on the hospital
bed. “Noelle Akechi I love you more than I can ever say.”

I love you as well.” She sighed as she placed her head on his shoulder. “This is
the best lesson learned of all time.”

is?” he asked as he brushed his lips on her temple.

lesson of love.”

is something I can get behind, Mouse.” Mitsuhide replied as he held her against
his side with his daughter in his lap and his son in her arms. This was the
best lesson he ever learned and the most rewarding as well.

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