Is it unreasonable to get upset when people tell you that you can’t stay in bed, eat goldfish crackers and sleep for days? Cause I want to yell “YOU’RE NOT MY REAL MOM” at them


Me to M


M just doesn’t get it. He really doesn’t understand the simple facts about what I do. When asked on his annual “team building” excursion which was his trip. “What does your wife do?” His answer was I don’t know something with her phone or computer.


M…. Do you REALLY want to have this conversation. I do not think you are prepared for the wrath about to descend on your noggin!


Fridays almost everyone’s favorite day as become the bane of my existence. Normal i have three gone by 6:30 but no on fridays I have to deal with the two teens in high school having a late start. So I have one gone at 6:30, two gone by 7:45, then the last gone at 8:30. Unfortunately M is back now, which means I will hear it if I do go back to bed like sleeping is for night time. No writing and thinking is for night time sleeping is when I feel like it.


School is highly unreasonable. I would totes allow kids to be tardy for that. And…. I’d let you have a nap!


I do want a nap. Unfortunately i have the four little people to wake up. I am not positive but I think “because my mom wanted to sleep” is not a good enough excuse for schools absences



No it is not. I want to scream something like leave me alone. I always want to sleep for days. This morning crap is for the birds.

I’m a bird but it doesn’t mean I want to get out of bed. And maybe I want a nap. THEY DON’T KNOW!

Me with him often.

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