Of COURSE!! How else are we supposed to keep the zombie pirates at bay


Yaaay zombi ninjas? 😍 I want to be friends with them!


With our secret alliance with the zombie ninjas


Sneaky cowgirls?😱 how to we round them up then?


I love you guys


I agree. We round up cowboys. And the occasional cowgirl. But they’re sneakier.


Zombies who round up cowboys. We (I want to join!) may loose a limb or two when wrangling the guys, but they’re easily attached back again.



Are we a zombie cowboy posse? Or a cowboy zombie posse?

What does a zombie cowboy posse do? Do we round up cowboys? Zombies? Are we zombies that do cowboy stuff?

((this is what my mind is fixated on instead of the next chapter of Limbo… Just so you know))

Ill handle the zombie cowgirls. There are a few near y where I live. Im observing and learning their ways. They are weak to the right.

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